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How 200+ Stitches Changed The Life Of Real Iron Man From Udaipur Mr. Abhay Jain

About Mr. Abhay Jain & Vardhman Bag Industries

You all might have learned about the rags to riches story of so many people. But this story will amaze your mind. This story is of a man gunshot in a robbery, lost his house, didn’t have money to feed his family reached the top even when he could have lost hope. This is not the story of highs and lows, this is the story of a man fighting his lows to make up his way to the highs. A man who was been gunshot and when facing an operation in the hospital didn’t fear an inch of losing his life, he held high in confidence that he will live another day to build his life again. Here, I introduce you to the Iron man of Udaipur, Mr. Abhay Jain (Director – Vardhman Bags)


Mr. Abhay till 2009 was in a family business and the biggest turning point of his life started then. He suffered a great loss during those days and to repay the mortgages he had to sell his residential house. He didn’t have any money neither had any place nor even a little investment to start something new. He had a family of four to feed, a home to give them shelter and an income to afford their necessities. He was living a luxurious life and a sudden downfall in life was a big shock to him and his family but for the unbreakable soul, the divinity also has a plan.

He had his in-laws in Mumbai therefore he decided to go for some opportunity, he wanted to start his new venture rapidly as he had no time to wait for long, he had a family back at home to support. But startled he was when an unexpected tragedy took place. His in-laws were dealing in the jewelry business, he sat there at the desk for he was dedicated to start and learn the work from day one and burglary took place around 8:00 p.m in the night that very day. The burglars were carrying a gun and they aimed at Mr. Jain, while they were leaving, they shot him. And yet this man stood in confidence that he would live. He says he had a habit of reading newspaper as it amused him and that day when he was traveling in a train, he read news about a firing in Pakistan on Sri Lankan players and that no one died, and he was very positive the same way for his gunshot wound too. He went to the hospital and was kept under observation for 14-15 working days. After this car of sorrow, he came back.
He rested for 2 months but he realized he had no sustenance either any investment so he returned to and fro from Mumbai, and traveled to Surat, and he finally got an opportunity there except it wasn’t enough to pay for his pre-requisites. Therefore, he left the employment.

Once he was sitting thinking and it suddenly occurred to him let’s start plastic bag production as each needs a bag first thing in the morning when they leave for the market or office. After having a quite profitable business in the field for nine months, the precept to ban plastic was initiated. He was astounded but continued never losing hope, so he did a little paper bag selling after the precept and earned a little profit, and his optimism elevated further. Once he met one of his stitchers and he motivated him to get back into the business, Mr. Jain had a little experience in jute bags before the plastic bags business. He wanted machinery so he bought a second-hand machine and started the work into the jute bag business.

He had a good friend of his into domestic R.O so he gave him some profit figures of his machinery and he was amazed at the figures when he calculated the profit of his business if he sold a considerable amount of bags. And his friend gave him the first order, he started to make the cover for their R.O and profited, this incidence raised his self-confidence much higher. When he wanted a new activa for convenient traveling as he still had an old scooter. He learned from someone that the accessories in an automobile shop would be economic to buy, so he went to an automobile shop. While making a purchase the owner of the shop asked Mr. Jain about his livelihood and hearing about his bag production the shopkeeper asked him to make vehicle bags and offered him to buy every piece of the bag he would make for this particular purpose. Slowly and gradually, he reached the pinnacle of his business dealing in two-wheeler and school bags having an average of 50-60 lakhs of business turnover per annum taking the hold in the market for 4 years now.

Mr. Abhay Jain says, “I still remember the day when I first earned Rs. 1785 starting my new venture, I think the biggest salvation of humankind is the finances and hope. I say no matter what situation life throws at you, have faith in and you never lose hope and ye shall be rewarded., I would suggest this to each forthcoming entrepreneur and everyone Always hold a long-term vision in your eyes, don’t get drowned by a temporary moment of misery.”


It is truly said, God has a plan for everyone for only the worthy being is predestined to a great success maybe that’s the reason why the almighty impel them with a gigantic downfall.

Mr. Abhay Jain (Vardhman Bag Industries)

Contact: +91-94142 39504

Visit: 5, Vishvas Nagar, IT park road Near Bharat gas godown, Madri Udaipur Rajasthan

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