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Value-driven Advertising Culture By Evolv

Value-driven Advertising Culture By Evolv

Evolv is a Brand Consulting and Management Firm which was started by Pranay Tripathi and Chayan Tripathi. It was intended to provide ROI (Return On Investment) focused and 360-degree result-driven marketing services on Digital and Conventional Mediums with an unconventional approach to set the desired Brand’s Identity. It also provides strategic solutions to MSMEs and Startups in Marketing, Finance, HR, Administration, and Operations.

They are expertise in- 

  • Brand Management
  • Reputation Management
  • Short Duration Campaigns

They aim to offer TV, Radio, Digital, PR, Outdoor, Events, etc. all on one platform. They build a “Brand” from the product, by their selling experiences to the clients. They are a team of 12 highly skilled professionals, who are providing a wide range of services. They are partnered with the leading brands in various marketing channels which helps them to serve 360-degree services to their clients.

Value-driven Advertising Culture By Evolv

The idea of starting “Evolv” came when they met a few of their clients who were forced to manage different vendors for different advertising services on their level. Which was time-consuming,

expensive, and tends to present a different brand message through various mediums be it digital or in any form. Hence, they wanted to build a service that can serve all the brand marketing needs from just one place. It helped them to create a single strategy across all channels, which also reduced the recurring cost of planning for their clients with the individual vendors. Moreover, it also helped in saving a lot of time and hassles. Their vision was to bring value-driven advertising culture to the city of lakes “Udaipur“.

They have also expanded their services into Management Consultation, where they help Brands from conceptualization of ideas to the implementation stages. So far they have provided 49 consultations in the past 46 days across 13 verticals spread over 6 Countries.

Well, Digital Marketing is a highly competitive space and in the first year they were struggling to get clients, but in a short span of 1.5 years, they have served 10 times the number of clients of the first 6 months. And that is a huge number in terms of starting the new business. 

Udaipur is a tiny city and is still not developed to a level where brand marketing companies can flourish. The exposure and the experience of the companies in the town are limited, which reduces their requirements to prevalent ones like “SEO”, “SMO” or “Lead Generation”. Consequently, it is still hard to convince people to spend a significant amount on simultaneous marketing efforts.

Value-driven Advertising Culture By Evolv

Plus, the industry here is being brought to the ground due to prices far lower than the standards, and hence, it gets difficult to convince the clients to pay for the real value. But the world of brands has no boundaries, as they are mainly focusing on building networks, and today, they are working with some of the big clients of the country in “Baby Products“. The second big challenge for them was to hire the right talent, and hence, they introduced a remote working model for the majority of their employees so that they can serve their clients with some of the brightest talents.

Your worst enemy as well as the best friend is Uncertainty. As Steve Jobs said, “you can only connect dots by looking backward”. You just have to believe and move forward with things, making sure that this is the best you can do to your ability!

Let’s Grow Together 1

Secondly, the right people can make you exceptional! They always invest in people as it motivates and inspires them a lot to think uniquely. They believe, and they love building brands but more importantly, building people with them. Their team is the strong base of the dream which they have dreamed of.

Humans have never realized their true potential, and that’s the reason that why he switched from the dream of, to be a doctor, to pursue engineering, also dropped IIM Rohtak, and he finally became a successful Marketer. He also said that “the most important lesson is to keep trying until you find that one thing which you love to do even in the middle of the night and push yourself every day to learn more!”


Company’s Name: Evolv Marketing Solutions


Phone Number: +91-9462092373, +91-9460374959

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