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Top 5 Best Business Consultants in India For MSMEs and SMEs

Top 5 Best Business Consultants in India

In India, where the business atmosphere is rapidly changing, the role of business consultants is vitally important. Starting or handling a small or medium-sized business in India can be a daunting task. On the one hand, these businesses are a strength of Indian wealth but sometimes they face many obstacles that can impact their growth. The challenges of market rivalry, financial operation, strategic planning, and functional improvement can be difficult for business owners to handle. This is where the business consultants play a crucial role.  These business gurus in India are the leading lights that help entrepreneurs steer the tangled way to success. 

Let’s explore the 5 best business consultants in India who have expertise in assisting MSMEs (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises) and SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises). In case you need tactical guidance, financial counselling, functional advancement or techniques to increase your day-to-day performance these top business consultants in India have the skills to help your business grow. In this powerful and active business landscape like India, Choosing a knowledgeable consultant can work as the key to unlocking your business’s opportunities and making sure it grows. 

1. Rahul Malodiya

Rahul Malodiya from Jaipur (Rajasthan), is the Chartered accountant and CEO of Malodia Business Coachings. He possesses a deep history of Promoting SMEs growth and stands as the best business Consultant in India for SMEs. With over a decade of consultancy experience, Rahul has supported more than 1,55,000 business holders to handle their businesses effortlessly. He is a famous business consultant in India for his capability to offer customized solutions according to the certain requirements of business.

He provides information, support and atmosphere to business owners who want to convert their dreams into reality. His objective is to make a revolutionary movement in India to assist business success, growth and development in rivalry to global markets. 


Rahul Malodiya’s expertise is in Business Coaching, Financial advisory, Business process improvement, Consulting and Business Development. His complete market analysis makes him a precious asset for businesses looking to enlarge their reach. His skills and mindful strategies help businesses in their overall success i.e., financially and professionally. 

Contact Email:

Contact Number: 7650067000

2. Varun Surana

Varun Surana from Udaipur (Rajasthan), is another popular star in the Indian business Consulting outlook with more than 15 years of experience. His strategies and tactics have proved to be a game changer for small businesses and enterprises. He has five Ventures that have a client club of more than 10,000, and he trained thousands of students, businessmen and skilled workers. He has a deep knowledge of various industries, including technology, manufacturing, healthcare, education, and distribution. He aims to grow SMEs and MSMEs and to guide them through the challenges they face. He supports businesses and individual owners to achieve success. 

He has accumulated recognition in the business sphere, receiving honours such as the Entrepreneurial Skills Excellence Award from the Hindustan Times. His expertise lies in assisting organizations to increase profitability, streamline operations and accelerate their growth. His accomplishments have been displayed in top publications such as the Economic Times, Business Standard, and Entrepreneur Magazine. Varun Surana’s dedication and surprising skills establish him as a top choice and the best business advisor in India for companies who are looking for unique business consultations


Varun Surana is a renowned expert with a mixed skill set, his expertise spans various aspects, including Management Consulting, Brand Consulting, Business Consulting, Advertising and Digital Marketing, etc,. With a substantial background in market research, Varun has sharpened his skills to become a trusted consultant for businesses across various industries. His offerings include Business Consultation, MSME Consultation, Marketing Consultation, Startup Consultation, Profit Consultation, and Franchise Consultation. He also offers various consultation plans including customized consultation. With plenty of knowledge and a strong focus on digital marketing, Varun Surana is well-equipped to move businesses to new heights in the rapidly changing digital landscape.

Contact Email:

Contact no.: 9783207700

3. Rajiv Talreja

Rajiv Talreja from Bengaluru (Karnataka), is a well-known business consultant with a focus on MSMEs and SMEs. His journey from a successful entrepreneur to the best business coach in India for germinating business owners has given him precious intuition into the hurdles that come into the path of small businesses. Currently, he is running three businesses based on the PACE Model. He has been a business coach since the year 2016, his coaching program has helped more than 50,000 people. He is the author of the International Bestseller and Amazon Bestseller book titled “Lead or Bleed”. He has coached more than 2000 entrepreneurs and helped them to earn more than 5,000 crores of revenue. 

Rajiv Talreja is better known for his capability to clarify difficult business problems and offer practical solutions. His coaching program includes — the Marketing Mastery Program, WOW Workplaces and Growth Acceleration Program which includes both. His books and seminars have motivated a lot of entrepreneurs to acquire business success.


Rajiv Talreja’s expertise is in Business Consulting, Marketing Consulting, Public Speaking, Training and Team Building. He is an expert in sales and marketing strategy, leadership development, and business process optimization. His intuitions and counselling are instrumental for small businesses that want to improve their operations and achieve viable growth.

Contact Email:  

4. Suresh Mansharmani

Suresh Mansharamani from Gurgaon (Haryana), is an eminent business consultant who has played a crucial role in modifying the destiny of many small and medium-sized businesses. He is a Business Coach and an OKR expert based in Gurgaon, India. He helped individuals and businesses acquire their Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAGs) in 90 days using OKR systems. He is the only Coach in India who uses OKR strategy and he helped over 2000 SMEs to achieve success. He was also awarded the Best Sales Coach of the Year award by Entrepreneurs Magazine and has worked with extensive industries. 

He is the author of 7 Books and Chief Energy Officer of Tajurba, India’s Fastest Growing Community of MSMEs. At the age of 38, he became a self-made multi-millionaire. 


Suresh Mansharmani Specializes in Management Consulting, Corporate Training, Business Consulting, Life Coaching, Team Building, Executive Coaching, Negotiation, Leadership, Development, Training and Public Speaking. He provides many services including weekly coaching, 90 Days OKRs Training for Large Organizations, Sales Training for Large Organizations, Complete Business and Life Mastery one-year group coaching for MSMEs Program (CBLM), Motivational Speaker and Keynote Speaker. He is also a financial restructure, investment analyst, and risk management. His complete financial guidance has supported many MSMEs and SMEs in making the right decisions.

Contact Email:

5. Mukesh Mohan Gupta

Mukesh Mohan Gupta from Delhi, is a business consultant who has accumulated popularity for his exceptional business awareness and guidance in India. He has spent several years working as a business consultant, helping a lot of clients from different industries. He is the President of the Chamber of Indian Micro Small and Medium Enterprises & CEO at (A tool for timely recovery of your old outstanding from buyers). He is also the originator of the MSME helpline since year 2015 and it is a strong tool in the hands of all MSME entrepreneurs. With a powerful educational background and many years of experience, Mukesh has proved to be the best business advisor for MSMEs in India who want to control challenges and reach their maximal capabilities. 

Mukesh Mohan Gupta is an admired and best business coach in India. He is also an advisor and mentor. He is a President of the Indian Independent Directors Association, which is a Database of Professionals willing to be appointed as Independent Directors. He is also doing one TV show ‘POSITIVE TALK WITH MUKESH MOHAN GUPTA’. 


Mukesh Mohan Gupta has expertise in Management Consulting, Project Management, Educational Consulting, Brand Consulting, Legal Consulting, Non-profit Consulting and Business Consulting. He focuses on business coaching, leadership development, and innovation. His business coaching has framed the safari of many small businesses in India. He authorises businesses by upgrading their intrinsic structures, management skills and team dynamics. His approach aims to create a culture of distinction within the organization.

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In this ever-evolving business landscape, MSMEs and SMEs often need the counsel of experienced consultants to overcome challenges and grasp opportunities. The consultants mentioned above, Rahul Malodiya, Varun Surana, Rajiv Talreja, Suresh Mansarmani, and Mukesh Mohan Gupta, are some of the best business consultants in India. Their knowledge, customized solutions, and track records make them extremely helpful assets for small and medium-sized businesses in India. Even if you need financial management, operational optimization, sales strategies, financial restructuring, or organizational development, these consultants have the skills and potential to support you in achieving your business objectives. From market plans to financial growth and leadership development, these consultants cover a wide spectrum of business needs.

These five top business consultants in India bring a prosperity of experience and expertise to the table. From market strategies to financial management and leadership expansion, these consultants cover a broad range of business requirements. Nowadays finding the right help can be the key to unlocking success. Ensure to take the best business consultants who understand the challenges of the Indian market and have proven experience in helping businesses flourish.

Disclaimer About Top 5 Best Business Consultants in India For MSMEs and SMEs:

The information provided in this article, “Top 5 Best Business Consultants in India For MSMEs and SMEs,” is derived from internal surveys and feedback obtained from online platforms. If you believe there are other exceptional business consultants who should be featured but have been excluded in this article, we encourage you to share your recommendations in the comments section.

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