The Success Story of Lugbee

Success Story of Lugbee

A Startup Launched To Take Care of Your Luggage, Know The Success Story of Lugbee

What is LugBee- Success Story of Lugbee

Most of you would be fond of traveling, and at that time, only one thought would come to your mind: if someone took care of your luggage, you could move around comfortably. Jitendra Singh has launched LugBee to fulfill this need. LugBee is a startup that removes your luggage’s burden and lets you enjoy traveling without stress. You could walk around freely if you left your luggage at the LugBee Services Pvt Ltd store. Currently, you can find Lugbee stores in only a few cities. There is a nominal charge for keeping your luggage at LugBee..- Success Story of Lugbee

How LugBee got started

The LugBee startup originated from the experience of Jitendra Singh. Jitendra Singh had gone to Malaysia with his wife, and on the day he was to return from Malaysia, his flight was at 8 pm, but he had to check out of the hotel at noon. In such a situation, Jitendra Singh had two options: go to the airport, which is 20 km away, deposit the luggage in the cloakroom, and then come back and roam. Another option was to take all the bags with him, but they were so heavy that they were impossible to carry. -Success Story of Lugbee

Start of Lugbee Company

Just a few days after returning from Malaysia, Jitendra Singh learned about a startup that was providing people with the convenience of keeping goods safe. From there, he started studying such startups with the company’s co-founder, Jayendra Singh. Jayendra, the co-founder of Lugbee Company, has studied for B.Tech. and M.Tech. degrees. He began to learn more about that startup company and its potential.  They found out that budget hotels in India provide such services, but there is no guarantee of the goods. In such a situation, Jitendra thought of starting LugBee in 2021. He named the company after a bee. Just as a bee collects a little honey from everywhere, LugBee collects people’s goods at their stores and eases the burden.

Jitendra and Jayendra formed a team of two people and hired marketing experts in 2019. After that, marketing experts conducted a survey, which showed that there is only one source of income for 3-star or smaller hotels: tours and tourism. In such a situation, they faced the problem of earning for a long time. Meanwhile, Jitendra and Jayendra thought of continuing the business by tying up with three-star hotels or local hotels. During the surge of Covid, LugBee started working towards developing the app and making itself technically strong. Hotels were closed during COVID, so it became easy to meet and talk to them.

Jitendra Singh, who has strong knowledge of technology, graduated in commerce from Delhi University, and after that, he took an MCA degree. He has about 14 years of experience working in the IT sector. He has done technology-related work at many startups and tech giants like HCL. He was appointed as a CTO, i.e., Chief Technology Officer, which is why he has a strong knowledge of technology. Jitendra says that giving people the facility to keep luggage is common in Europe but is very new in India. Until recently, there was no such facility in India. 

Success Story of Lugbee

Success Story of LugbeeHow does LugBee work?

To store your stuff using LugBee, you’ll need to download its app from the Play Store or Apple Store. The process of handling luggage is similar to that of booking a cab. When you open this app from anywhere, it will show you the location of nearby stores. You have to choose the store nearest you. You must provide information about your luggage and how long Lugbee must keep it on the app. After this, you can also pay through the app.

You will need an OTP to complete the booking. After that, you can navigate the app and keep your bag to access the location. Also, you will have to provide verification through an OTP. Even when you go to take back the goods, you will have to give an OTP. If your item is left in the store for longer than the stipulated time, you will have to pay for the extra time in the app.

How safe is LugBee?

Relax when you consider how secure the LugBee platform is. The location and location of the hotel with which the company has a contract are first verified. To join the Lugbee Company, a hotel must have cameras to monitor luggage. Also, the hotel should have staff, a laptop, and stable internet. During storage and withdrawal, verification is done through an OTP, ensuring no one finds your luggage except you. Every bag has a seal, and tracing is done through it.

What is the company’s business model?

If you make a booking through the company’s app, you must pay an average of 20 rupees per bag per hour. This charge may vary for different locations. The company keeps some of this money itself, and the hotel gets the rest. The company launched its app in May 2022. In about five months, the company has more than 1000 registered users; out of these, more than 450 have taken advantage of the company’s services. LugBee can be a perfect option for those who make short trips, such as medical representatives, students who have gone for exams, etc. These people cannot use a cloakroom to store their luggage or book a hotel room because it is too expensive.

Lugbee is available in more than 26 cities, including Delhi, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, Jaipur, Shimla, Manali, Dehradun, and Mussoorie. You can see a complete list of all cities on the company’s website ( and know how much is being charged in each city. -Success Story of Lugbee

What is the future planning?

The company is also preparing to add a pickup and drop facility. Under this, you will not have to go anywhere to keep the goods; you will have a lock, and you can give your stuff to them. The company is also considering starting a unique facility for those traveling by air. Under this agreement, the company is in talks with the airport authority and airlines. If you have to go somewhere, you can book with LugBee, and the company will take care of your belongings. Before you go to the airport, your luggage will arrive there. That is, there will be no hassle with luggage check-in.

Also, the company is working towards increasing security further so that people feel free to join it. The company is also considering bringing in some IoT devices to improve security. Right now, the focus of the company is to spread the business all over India, but in the coming years, the company plans to go to countries like Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, and Malaysia. 

The Challenge

Right now, the biggest challenge for the company is raising awareness. Until now, there was no such system in India, so people know very little about it. They must tell people that Lugbee can keep their luggage safe in such a situation. A significant challenge is that it is still in its early stages, so the company’s stores are only available in a few places. Also, people are still afraid to use this facility, citing security. 

Where did the funding come from?

LugBee has yet to take any funding. However, Jitendra Singh and Jayendra Singh also have another company, Tecore Labs, which was started in 2017. Right now, LugBee is getting funds from this company, whose company is taking care of all its expenses. Jitendra says that he will go for funding in the coming time, but before that, the business will have to be expanded. It does not have any significant assets in this company’s business model. The company has not taken anything on lease, so expanding is pretty straightforward. The good thing is that it has no competitors in India and many competitors in Asia. 

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