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The Passionate Journey of Mr Amit Mathur

Amit featuredimage msmeThis COVID-19 pandemic has changed a lot in terms of jobs, survival, living culture, and how to make yourself happy with the minimum resources. But, as we talk further it has created a lot more job opportunities and has also taken from many. But the new culture has been set up for working for most of the departments and i.e. “Work From Home”. 

And to understand all these situations in a better way, than how it has affected the job sector Mr Varun Surana interviewed the passionate journey of Mr Amit Mathur “Director of Achievers”. Earlier Mr. Mathur was doing a job like a common man but something disastrous happened which changed his life. While working with the big companies he observed the interview pattern and how recruiters are hired or are getting some extreme challenges, why are they confused, and many more things that inspired Mr Amit Mathur to bring “Achievers” into existence.

Let’s Grow Together 1

“Sometimes we’re tested not to show our weaknesses, but to discover our strengths”.

Achievers is the recruiting company who is providing consultation to motivate them, to encourage them in the right direction. Mr Amit Mathur has helped many freshers, trainees, and many more by providing jobs in that field in which they are interested and finds it more approachable, growth, and can achieve their future goals very easily.

But while interview Mr Varun Surana also came to know that today’s generation does want jobs but with a zero effort as in they don’t want to learn something new, don’t want to upgrade themselves, and many factors are there, in short, they don’t want to come out of their comfort zones. Also, he came to know that nowadays giving an interview is such an easy task that they don’t even have to go out of the house i,e, they give on “Skype”, “Whatsapp”, etc.

Also in between Mr Mathur shared that one of his trainees started their own business and have achieved a lot more success as compared to that job which they were doing earlier. He also shared some of the great thoughts along with the examples of how to start the business, startup, etc so that it comes across less failure.

To know more about all these things in detail then please do watch this video and get inspired yourself. Let’s think out of the box in terms of job, startup, business, etc.

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Pravesh Meenawat

Well done..and more to come and achieve.
All the very best

Great going Mr Mathur !

Great sir… you are the motivation and inspiration for people… well. Done..

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