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Journey From An Engineer To The New Age Marketing Consultant – Story of Mr Ved Shukla

The journey of Ved Shukla an Engineer

The New Age Marketing Consultant – Story of Mr.Ved Shukla- “Never Give up on Something you really want, It’s difficult to wait but definitely Worthy.”

The above lines are best suited with the journey of Ved Shukla, an Engineer who pursued the Master’s of Technology in Power Electronics, Co-founded WEBaniX, and is the Chief Operating Officer of the company. Besides his engineering, his inclination was always towards the exploration of technology-driven Marketing and Branding. This passion ultimately paved the beginning of one of its kind Digital Marketing Company in Udaipur, Rajasthan – WEBaniX.

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Prior to founding his own company, he worked at the oldest IT company in Udaipur arroWebs Solutions as Team Lead SEO department. After gaining professional experience, he always had a desire to get into the growth hacking process which he believed a regular 9 to 5 job would never offer. So, he started WEBaniX in 2018. Yes, there was a huge paradigm shift from the settled professional job life to the violent waves of the market. But, with his never give up attitude and he converted all the challenges into opportunities. He started with 4 clients and is now serving 135+ clients not only from Udaipur but globally. Over the years, he acquired extensive knowledge of entrepreneurial, marketing, and leadership skills as a result of which the company has its partner offices in Mumbai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, and Dubai.  In addition, He trained 50+ students Digital Marketing course.

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Challenges are everywhere and in businesses too. Despite the entrepreneurship, startup culture brings its own unique set of challenges and problems. The survival of a startup is the biggest challenge due to fierce competition and if you have an online startup, the competition gets tougher. Being an entrepreneur and holding a startup, he too faced a myriad of challenges every day. The first challenge he faced in his business journey was to make people understand the difference between normal digital marketing and growth hacking or tech-driven growth marketing. But he admits that the market was kind towards him and provided him with certain opportunities in his niche. The other challenges he faced were to scale up the team count with the required skill set, managing the client relationships, consistent service deliverables to the clients, and dealing with the professional and personal life too. He took every challenge as an opportunity to groom himself for the betterment of his own and his business growth. 

Despite not having a business background, he is a successful new age business entrepreneur in Udaipur. He also mentioned the strongest support in his career is his family. They understand and support him in his sleepless nights, late-night client calls, meetings, unbalanced diet, etc. They are the pillars of his success.  

The takeaway message from his business life is “Don’t Give Up! The hard work and learning in business will definitely pay you off. So, build your own opportunities from your hard work and learnings.”

The inspirational message from his life is  “Do what you love to do as you can do anything as long as you have passion, focus, the drive, and the support. The real truth of life is to come out of your comfort zone and feel the happiness in overcoming the challenges of life.”

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