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Interesting Story Of A Home Baker – Ravisha’s Bake Room

Interesting Story Of A Home Baker – Ravisha’s Bake Room

Ravisha logoRavisha`s bake room-Food baked with supreme quality, taste, and pure gesture lives on the tongue for long-drawn. The Ravisha’s Bake room a place that is serving its promises from the year 1995 from Chennai and to every new place they started.

The Bakeroom is a bakery that makes homemade, eggless and healthy cakes, cupcakes, chocolates, cookies, and bread. They also take cooking classes and workshops. A place started as small scale business and now all settled in Udaipur with experience of 3 different cities.

Surprisingly they prefer to make everything from whole wheat flour and which is unique. This place gives a touch of raw homemade vibe to all baked love and chooses health with the fulfillment of sweet cravings.

Let's Grow Together

The stint of this bizarre started from Chennai then transferred to Ahmedabad then to Gurgoan and currently in The City of lakes- Udaipur. This journey clearly defines a business which has started from scratch with all transfer in all the new places.

She also used to take cooking classes for 12+age with the bakery for 11 years. A new business is not easily welcome by people. Whereas She has moved four times with her venture and each city has a different taste, culture, and people.

It was not simple to win the heart of people after setting up in the city. But gradually, after the understanding environment of the new place, she managed to grow her business in all areas.

As every entrepreneur has plans and also equally learn from challenges of business. She also gave motivating words experienced from her baking journey for bakers and new entrepreneurs that don’t ever compromise on quality no matter what.

Similarly, a few words from her personal belief about the overall inspiring journey are “when you have passion, you will achieve it.” Always keep patients and keep the focus on goals.

To know more about their business –  Phone no. – 9376641009

Address:- Ambamata Scheme- C Road, Ambamata, Udaipur(Rajasthan), 313001


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