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38 Years of Excellence With All The Ebbs & Flows

Ideas are like the wind, they are always there, it depends on whether you catch, utilise, and pursue them or not. Here’s another anecdote that proves the argument even further. We are going to describe the journey, ups, and downs of India’s best fertilizers and chemical plant manufacturing company.

Rama Phosphates Limited

Rama Phosphates ltd.

Rama Phosphates operates multiple fertilizer factories, chemical plants, edible oil, micronutrient, and LABSA, founded in 1984, the objective of Rama Phosphates Ltd is to be a key supplier for Fertiliser goods where farmers can acquire a variety of solutions and services. Rama Phosphates began operations in Indore and has now expanded to several other states, including Rajasthan & Maharashtra in prominent cities like Udaipur & Pune respectively. These states and their surrounding areas utilize over 60% of total SSP Fertiliser consumption, giving them an obvious geographical advantage in meeting the needs of the farming population.

Indore Plant

Rama Phosphates Indore Plant
In Indore, Rama started selling 62 thousand tonnes of fertilizers and then expanded and started a new chemical plant in Indore. In the meanwhile backward integration is done to increase the capacity of raw materials which in turn increased the capacity from 62 thousand to 250 thousand. It also produces various micronutrients and fungicides required for crops’ nutrition and yield.


The company’s Oil division is situated next to its Fertiliser division within the same premises and has a capacity of seed crushing of 1,20,000 MT at an average of 500 TPD. The company’s factory is a fully integrated operation with all adequate infrastructure for seed storage in crushers, silos, DT, expanders, Flakers, storage space for crude oil tanks, and de-oiled cake.

Parallel to the crushing plant, RPL is also having its own refinery plant with Alfa Laval technology for refining crude Soya Oil of 30,000 MT at 100 TPD. The company’s brand Sufla is one of the most popular brands in Madhya Pradesh and other Northern parts of India.

The prime highlight of the Oil Plant is that it has been awarded ISO–140001 from Japan for Environment protection on the factory premises. Also, following the achievement last year RPL opened a second chemical plant in Indore with value-added derivatives of Sulphuric Acid viz., Oleum, and CSA.

Pune Plant

Rama Phosphates Pune Plant

RPL acquired an operational plant in Pune, which is one of the oldest SSP plants in India this has been in existence for over 50 years now and is popularly known as Rama Krishi Rasayan. The plant is situated on the outskirts of the city of Pune in Maharashtra and is a fully integrated plant with all requisite facilities such as Railway siding, Sulphuric Acid plant, Oleum plant, SSP plant, Granulation plant, Mixed fertilizers plant, Packing plants, etc.

Udaipur Plant

Rama Phosphates Udaipur Plant
The raw material of the Rock Phosphate mine is situated in the Udaipur area and thus the availability of basic raw material is ensured for its unit in Udaipur, situated in Jhamar Kotra, which is the prime location of Rock Phosphate mines. Hence, the availability of basic raw material, i.e. Rock Phosphate has made this unit the most strategic unit of the company. The entire unit is fully integrated with in-house facilities such as rock grinding, finished goods storage including granules as also stand-by DG power sets.


Rama Phosphates Solar Power Generation

Recently, Commissioned a Solar Power Generation of 792 KWA Capacity

It has launched a 50 TPD capacity LABSA (Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulphonic Acid) facility in Udaipur. This is a progressive integration in which the Sulphuric Acid generated would be utilised to manufacture SSP in Udaipur.

NIMBAHERA (Rajasthan) Plant

The company recently acquired an operational plant on a long-term lease so as to cater to the growing demand for SSP Fertilizers in the vicinity.  This unit has a capacity of 66000 MT per annum and the current lease period is of seven years which can be extended on mutual terms.

Proposed a Greenfield plant at dhule (Maharashtra)

The company has acquired land of about 52 acres in the MIDC area in Dhule district bordering MP and Gujarat States to cater to growing demand. The Management is in the process of setting up an SSP Plant with a capacity of 2.16 lac MT and a Sulphuric Acid plant with a capacity of 90,000 MT. The company is expecting to commence the fertilizer division by March 2023 in a phased manner.

Local Market and Export

RPL offers fertilizer locally, which aids in the growth of main crops such as sugarcane, pulses, and others, which we eat entirely in India, and they export de-oiled cake.


Everything was going well from 1984 to 1998, but from 1998 to 2001, there was a continual breakdown, no material supply, and the network turned negative, and they struggled a lot, and the accounts also got empty. Nobody in the market was offering any credit and they faced a lot of issues.

However, everything transformed in 2007. This year, their concentration was on their products, re-establishing contacts with banks in order to secure loans and credit, and boosting the raw material supply in order to produce more things and deliver the best products to our customers.

From 2011, they started receiving several honours and extended their participation in a variety of activities. RPL also received five awards in the last ten years for Best Productivity Performance amongst 105 operational SSP units in the country.

RPL's Awards & Achievements

  • Best productivity performance award for the year 2010-11 to Indore Unit
  • The best productivity performance award for 2011-12 to Pune Unit
  • • Gram Sanskriti and Krishi Manthan – January 2012 was awarded for the best production performance award to Pune Unit. The same was received by Mr. J K Parakh.
  • The best productivity performance award for 2012-13 to Indore Unit
  • The best productivity performance award for 2018-19 to Pune Unit
  • The best productivity performance award for 2020-21 to Pune Unit during the critical Covid-19 period.
  • Got many more awards for performance and working for the community welfare.

Words of Advice by MR. J K Parakh
(President & CFO; Rama Phosphates Ltd.)

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    • Maintain relationships with banks and customers: In order to maximise production and supply, we must maintain relationships with banks and consumers. So we may benefit from the best interest loan for the raw materials that we can acquire for our manufacturing, and clients can purchase the end goods for their crops such as fertilizers, chemicals, and so on.
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    • Focus on technology: With all this, we also focus on the technology to sell our products with both the offline and online marketing processes. So, we can supply our product and can give the best facilities to the customers.

Cash flow management procedures

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To remain committed and honest in our efforts to provide exceptional value to our customers, shareholders, workers, society, and farmers at large, and to attain the industry’s sustainability.


  •  To preserve and appreciate customer satisfaction and transparency.
  • Strive for the greatest levels of safety, quality, and purity.
  • Encourage the development of an internal culture of teamwork.
  • Always put our clients first by providing exceptional Customer Care, Satisfaction, and Service.
  • To be socially concerned while also having a high regard for our environment.


To lay out our organization as a reliable and quality-driven maker/provider of Fortified Fertilizers, Base Fertilizers, Water Soluble Fertilizers, Micronutrients, Organic Manure, and all such Micro & Macronutrients under a solitary crate with a one-stop solution for the requirements of the Indian farmers to take care of the developing human necessities.


  • Free-hold land resources claimed at Pune, Indore, and Udaipur
  • Gigantic land bank of 71 acres of land at Indore
  • Operations advantage for Pune and Indore as they are arranged in fundamental public and public parkways street (NH 65 and SH 27 separately)
  • Inside railway siding facility in Pune
  • Completely integrated plants
  • Forward incorporation with Acid creation for SSP compost and Vertical combination with LABSA fabricating from Acid and Backward coordination with the age of Spent Acid
  • In-house power generation
  • Deeply grounded QC research center for quality checking and boundaries
  • Solid brand picture of our brands “Girnar” and “Surya Phool” among the cultivating local area in 9 working States and developing
  • Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) Company
  • Forward integration by consuming Acid generated from chemical plant and consuming spent generated in the process by fertilizer division.


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  • Meeting with Dealers: You ought to meet with vendors to keep up with the connection with them and can get unrefined substance for end results.

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