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Success Story of Jai Kumar Valecha becoming the ‘Egg King’ of Udaipur

Hello friends, In today’s article, we are going to tell you the success story of Jai Kumar Valecha, who has become the Egg King of Udaipur by selling eggs from a roadside cart. So friends, you now know this information in detail.

“The Egg World” Jay Kumar Valecha Egg King of Udaipur

jai kumar valecha family story

Jai Kumar Valecha had been raised in poverty since childhood. The family consisted of parents, two younger sisters, and a brother at home. Father’s roadside cart in Udaipur sold egg bhurji, omelets, and boiled eggs to cover the entire cost of the house. From here, the success story of Jai Valecha begins.

SUCCESS Story of Jai Kumar Valecha’s childhood struggle

The success story of Jai Kumar Valecha began when he left school in the fourth grade and started working with his father in view of the financial condition of the family. He used to push the cart with his father and sell eggs by standing it on the side of the road. Soon he learned to make egg bhurji and omelettes while watching his father.

His troubles increased in childhood when his father developed kidney failure along with diabetes, and he completely took to bed. The burden of running the entire family, along with the mother, was now solely on the shoulders of the 12-year-old innocent child.

Then, he alone took on the responsibility of the egg cart, for which he started selling eggs on the roadside in Udaipur every morning at 11 o’clock with great diligence, enthusiasm, and hard work, and went ahead.

Story of the desire to do something big in life by Jai Kumar Valecha

Jai Kumar Valecha wanted to do something big by moving ahead in life. If he knew anything, then just make eggs as taught to him by his father. Now his idea was to do something new with eggs, for which he bought a bottle of sauce from the market along with some spices.

Every day, he begins experimenting with his eggs to create something new. People also used to make fun of him, but without caring about anyone, he started improving that dish by feeding the new dish prepared by his experiment to the customer for free and then improving it based on the feedback given by him. While doing this, he became an expert in making many new egg dishes, and the people of Udaipur also started liking his new egg dishes.

Story of Jai Kumar Valecha opening his own restaurant

Jai Kumar Valecha, seeing the increasing trust and business of his customers, opened his own restaurant called “The Egg World” in Udaipur itself after some time, which is now famous all over the city due to his hard work. Today, more than 100 dishes, like Egg Bhurji, Egg Nice, Tandoori Omelette, etc., are made in this restaurant.
Boiled egg bhurji has become his trademark today, and it has become a very famous dish among the common people. In this dish, he uses onions, spices, and sauces with boiled eggs.

Story of Jai Kumar Valecha getting the title of Egg King of Udaipur – Egg King of Udaipur

Today, the fame of Jai Kumar Valecha’s egg dish has spread beyond Udaipur to the country and abroad, due to which tourists from all over the country and abroad and film stars who came to Udaipur for shooting also enjoy the various dishes prepared by him. For this reason, people have given him the title of “Egg King” of Udaipur.

Story of Jai Kumar Valecha participating in Master Chef India

Jai Kumar Valecha has also participated in Master Chef India Season 4 to try his luck in which he reached Level 2. After appearing in this program, his fame increased a lot and he was also featured in many newspapers and TV channels.

The story of Jai Kumar Valecha’s future plans

Jai Kumar Valecha has planned to work in Udaipur as well as all over India to expand his business in future, under which he wants to open his restaurant outlet in almost every major city of India.

The Egg King of Udaipur ‘Jai Kumar Valecha’ is telling about himself on Josh Talks

Friends! I hope you know the success story of Jai Kumar Valecha, who sells eggs from a roadside cart and has become the “Egg King” of Udaipur! You must have enjoyed it; please let us know by leaving a comment, and any questions or suggestions are welcome. Please share this post and subscribe to MSME Story to stay connected. Thank you

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