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Shweta Manek is Transforming Passion Into Profit

Brat n babe

A Housewife Turned Entrepreneur

Transforming Passion Into Profit- Shweta Manek, Founder of Brat & Babe

“Mumbai is a city of Dreams,” well yes, this statement again got true when Shweta Manek, the Founder and Creative Director of Brat & Babe, turned her passion for Fashion into Business. In the world of entrepreneurial endeavors, few stories resonate deeply. From her passion for comfort and style, she made ‘Brat & Babe‘ a brand for Night Suits. Being a housewife, this journey was not a piece of cake.

How The Journey Started…

Shweta Manek was searching for night suits for her 8-year-old kid. Being from the fashion industry, she is embraced with fabric and fashion knowledge. Despite scouring through numerous shops, none of the night suits met her standards. Whether it was the lack of appealing designs, unflattering appearances, or, most importantly, the absence of comfort, her discerning eye could not find a suitable match.

So, to get & give the best comfort and style she started her own brand for clothing — ‘Nightwear for Women and Kids’ – “Brat & Babe“…. Urban, Natural & Simple. She believes that what you wear should reflect your personality even when you are at home. Hence, she started with a collection of night suits that could make the wearer feel confident and relaxed at the same time.

Brat & Babe Started Because…

From an early age, she wanted to have her own brand in apparel. Born and brought up in Mumbai, Shweta Manek has done fashion designing from an institute of Mumbai. Following her marriage, her focus shifted to homemaking and raising her children. However, the desire to create her brand lingered within her. When the right opportunity presented itself, she seized it, embarking on the journey she had always envisioned.

The core reason behind starting her brand for nightwear was to give utmost comfort and style to the wearer. Mrs. Shweta Manek is the Creative Designer, Founder and Director of this brand. Under her supervision, she designs and creates nightwear for kids and women.

In Initial Phase She Achieved…

The main purpose of ‘Brat & Babe‘ was to provide Urban, Natural, Comfortable & Simple yet stylish nightwear. She believes that ‘Design creates Culture and Culture will shape One self’, so her nightwear designs reflected style and comfort. After getting dissatisfied with both offline and online nightwear, she was planning to start her own brand for the past 9-12 months.

Besides earning, her main motto was to provide kids happiness and comfort in their own skin. Being a housewife, she was not aware of anything like how to start, where to sell and how to do pricing. But she learned all this and managed it all. Sourcing high-quality fabrics and finding skilled artisans who share her vision was also a hurdle. But she managed her time efficiently.

Starting The Business Helped Her In…

Strong determination plays a key role. She quotes “Nobody is perfect and when you start something new, you need not be perfect but passionate.” Marketing, Production, Distribution, Finances, and many more things related to a business she learned on her own. Managing cashflow was tough but her passion for her brand made her overcome all the hurdles. She believed that, in this competitive era, one should not be afraid to take risks.

Shweta Manek, Founder of Brat & Babe, held a steadfast conviction that, even without immediate directives, shutting down her brand was out of the question. Her unwavering dedication and belief that hard work would eventually bring results got true.

Hard work pays off, and with her creative designs crafted from premium-quality fabrics, she began to attract a steady stream of orders, validating her commitment and vision. She always tried to improve the designs, comfort, and fabric of the nightwear to give maximum comfort and style.

What Kept Her Motivated:

In this competitive market, it is very tough to stand out, but her Trust in herself helped her in achieving that Target. The Founder of Brat & Babe believes in “Fashion with comfort plays an important role in enhancing confidence” so she kept improving her designs and styles. For keeping herself motivated she stays in the right headspace surrounded by good people. She also tries to maintain good health as it helps her in focusing better.

Working Force & Upcoming Goals

Currently, she has 2 working units (workshops), where she has around 20-22 employees. She takes a hands-on approach to design, personally curating color combinations, and collaborates closely with her team of two masters and karigars to stitch each outfit to perfection, fostering a familial atmosphere in their work.

Being Fond of Color, she tries to curate elegant and stylish designs for kids and women to make them happy. She is selling her nightwear apparel online and getting a good response. Future planning is to go for retail stores as well but with more improved quality and designs. Brat & Babe is currently catering Kids of age 4-14 years and Women.

Brat & Babe Is Available On…

Juggling the responsibilities of homemaking alongside her business venture proved to be a formidable challenge for The Shweta Manek . To achieve a balance, she opted to sell her apparel through e-commerce platforms, recognizing the convenience and flexibility they offered. Online marketplaces were a natural choice due to their user-friendly nature and the burgeoning demand they experienced, especially after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Future Expansions:

Shweta Manek is on a mission to create the most stylish, elegant pyjama and wanted to make the wearer feel special. People are praising her for her designs, fabric quality, and comfort. As she never got a complaint regarding the fabric. By indulging creativity in business, she is planning to expand the designs by introducing “Themed Nightwear” according to the occasion.

For upcoming events, she is planning a “Night Suit Fashion Show” where she will showcase her designs. Soon her products will be on every apparel e-commerce site. The mission is to craft the most beautiful and stylish products that, when worn, trigger a release of “Happiness-Inducing Hormones”.

Message To All The Upcoming Entrepreneurs

She says “Failure is a part of success, so do not feel demotivated when you do not achieve your set target. Keep working towards your goal and always remember to set realistic and clear expectations. Remember every day is exciting as it is a creative field, so innovation goes hand in hand. In an entrepreneur journey, your growth graph will sometimes touch the peak and will sometimes hit rock bottom. But be passionate about your goal and work towards it always.”

About Brat & Babe

The aim of business is to make people feel happy, comfortable, and stylish at the same time. With unique designs, they offer premium quality nightwear. Along with timeless designs and durability, they are serving both genders. According to her Each COLOR is Beautiful, and has its own Power. B&B Makes Nightwear, Which Screams “MIRROR SELFIES TONIGHT”.

And especially for kids they create Colourful Childhood. In a very short span, she catered a decent revenue and is now on a mission to grasp more customers and more profit from her upcoming business plans. Their designs are strongly rooted in colors that are contemporary, tasteful, and authentic to convey stories. Brat & Babe are giving timeless designs which change according to season and the durable product.

Shweta Manek, the Founder of Brat & Babe says…. “Children go where there is Excitement and I want to give them that….with lots of Comfort”. The fabric used in making this nightwear is soft, gentle, and non-irritable for children. Design curated is funky, fun, and attractive. The brand’s motto is “Happy Kids, Happy We”.

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