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Connecting Businesses to their people- Story of Prasun Jain

Connecting Businesses to their people- Story of Prasun Jain

Connecting Businesses to their people- Story of Prasun Jain

Being an experienced person in the HR industry since 2010. In 2018, he started his own venture for connecting businesses to their people known as “Peer to Peer HR Services” based in Udaipur, Rajasthan, and are catering to the HR Services across India.

The one-stop provider of Human Resources Services like staffing, payroll processing, Recruitment, Compliance Services, HR Outsourcing and Resume Writing. They have a team of highly experience professionals of more than 10 years in the field of Human Resources Services and Helping people to find their dream job. The Reason Behind to start the business is in the name itself i.e. Human. He stated that by seeing the industry from many aspects, he felt the need of a very homegrown yet professional organization which can help the unemployed as well as can act as a wind of relief for the employers.

He started with a very small team catering to Only Permanent recruitments, with a very low client base to start with. But now, the situation is more fairly with a team of recruiters, Compliance as well as payroll. They have around 100+ Clients whom they are offering either of the services like recruitment or staffing or Compliance of HR Outsourcing.


“ Every business has its own challenges”


Prasun Jain faced 3 major challenges during his business tenure:


  1. Client’s Trust: Being a new HR company, establishing the trust was a major challenge. They had to make them believe through our work and delivery quality. And due to this, They were able to generate more HR business.
  2. Candidate’s backing out: This was the most critical part of their Candidates backing out on every stage of the recruitment cycle resulted in longer recruitment time and wastage or recruiter time. To overcome this, they started with their own set of questionnaire which can access the candidate from HR point of view and this resulted in them in reducing this ratio by 40%.
  3. COVID-19: This challenge has been faced by all industries and across all sectors and has resulted in a loss of business. They have overcome this, but in a sense, They have tried to shift their focus on specific industries whose business has not been affected under COVID.



PTPThe takeaway message from his business life is to “Never lose hope”. Business is a bumpy road, sometimes it’s high and other times it is low. We should not get carried away in any situation.


Hence, the inspirational message from his side is Never losing hope, whatever may be the situation. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel. We should be prepared for any kind of situation. Never dwell yourself over the past, whether it’s good or bad, as it’s over, look forward to the future.


He added that everyone should Try to Stay Happy and Healthy during job hours


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