Story of Marvellous Piping Industry Man – Mr Shubham Gupta

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Shubham Gupta 1Story of Marvellous Piping Industry Man – Mr. Shubham Gupta
IMAGINING THE LIFE WITHOUT WATER IS HORRIFYING IN ITSELF. BUT THE BIGGEST PROBLEM IS THE QUALITY AND THE MATERIAL USED IN THE PIPES THAT DO NOT LAST LONG AND DEMANDS THE REPLACEMENT SUCH AS IF IT IS MADE OF PLASTIC THEN IT WILL START BREAKING DOWN AFTER SOME YEARS, OR IF IT IS OF LOW-QUALITY THEN WITHIN 1-2 YEARS IT IS FINISHED, THOSE WHICH ARE MADE OF STEEL, IRON OR ANY OTHER MATERIAL ARE HEAVY, WITH TIME IT GETS RUSTED AND LEAKAGE PROBLEM ALSO ARISES. All such problems will only help in more wastage, irritation of changing the pipes regularly, its transportation, and many more. So, to overcome all such problems SK Gupta Industries LLP brought a completely new concept of plumbing that is “Verituff Pipes & Fittings” that are affordable, easily transported, rust-free, and long-lasting. Those pipes can be perfectly used for household purposes, irrigation, sewerage, or anywhere. SK Gupta is a very successful entrepreneur and a businessman and has profound experience as well. But with the increase in daily life problems such as replacement of the pipes yearly, or its damage, leakage is happening, and many more. The idea came to manufacture those kinds of pipes which can face daily life problems such as dust particles, rain, sunlight, continuous flow of water, and can be easily transported and fitted at the place. Let's Grow TogetherVerituff pipes are specially designed for household usage. And they are designed category wise to pave the way for a future that provides clean and freshwater to everyone and everywhere, be it a small part of the village or to the largest cities such as- CPVC, UPVC, SWR Drainage, Rigid PVC Agriculture. Their only vision is to bring revolution in the piping industry with the help of innovations that will directly profit the consumers and society. Verituff Pipes and Fittings are committed to the management system by focusing on the needs expectations of the users. And are customized also to meet the satisfaction level of the consumers. For more information about his business  Visit :-

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