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Story of an Economics Professor to a Digital Aggregator NSDC Innovation Partner – Shipra Bhutani

Story of an Economics Professor to a Digital Aggregator NSDC Innovation Partner – Shipra Bhutani

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Can’t believe this?

But perhaps it is a dream come true for Shipra Bhutani who formed the Capacita Connect in 2016 and currently we all know that Capacita Connect has the largest database in India. No doubt in the fact that Shilpa Bhutani was an alumnus at IIM Calcutta and was even an economic professor at The Birla Institute Of Technology.

While being at the faculty at Birla institute of technology, she realized the importance of skilling and also digital placement.

Capacita Connect is a Digital Aggregator of the Indian Ecosystem and not to mention that it is working for 5 Lac Migrant Labours. When capacita was formed in May 2016, it had just 50,000 job seekers and only 75 job providers. Today after 3 years capacita has 15 million job seekers and 20,000 job providers on the portal. It has a PAN India presence with 240 job roles of 38 sectors. It has 15 million skilled manpower on its portal. With the help of AI, blockchain, data analytics it provides manpower of industry.

Moreover, how Shipra handled challenges was extraordinary and courageous too. The biggest challenge was to create a world-class tech platform. So, Capacita Connect hired a team of people from IIT Delhi and IIT Bombay and built two mobile Apps and a search portal too. Secondly, she battled another challenge which was to get job seekers and job providers. It’s always not as easy as it sounds!

One thing for sure which one should learn from Shipra is “One should be so passionately involved in one’s business that everything else becomes a background noise”

“Success and happiness are achieved when something inside us is much more positive and powerful than all the negativities surrounding us, “ says Shipra Bhutani, an inspirational message to all the young entrepreneurs and start-up owners. 

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