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Spark For Kota Based Coaching Industry For Better Tomorrow

Spark For Kota Based Coaching Industry For Better Tomorrow

The discussion was held with a well-known and profound man with 25+years of experience name “Mr. Ankur Nyati”. He is a leading businessman in the field of builders and developers. Owner of the famous builder in Kota named “Nyati Property and Builders”. He updated with his words that in the last 20 years, approx. 1.50 Lakhs students every year come to Kota from India for education. Many top coaching institutes from all over India are ruling the Kota. So, the question arises How Covid-19 impacted and what are the solutions to come out from this crisis in terms of the Economy?

The output of this video results in as Varun Surana suggested that the economy of Kota can be increased by selling Kota Kachoris, and Kota Kadke (famous in Kota) worldwide. The Ankur also mentioned that the Food Industry should make their businesses online and art focussing on the quality and services of the food especially the mess industry for students. After Lockdown,Mr. Ankur and their colleagues in Kota are expecting that 40-50% of students will avoid coming for education in Kota. But, the admissions are open and coaching institutes and many other educational institutes are reverting to the Digital Education i.e. Online Classes. So, in this way, the economy can be increased.

The fact is true that the Economy is affected badly as Kota was relying on the Coaching Industry. But, from all the problems, there are solutions. Hence, small business owners can change their business for revenue, or it’s high time to get your business an online presence or not only the Kota business owners think of their backup plans. In fact, business owners from all over India should focus on changing their strategies and their backup plans.

For a more detailed discussion, watch this video:-

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