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Rawtoss – A Shift Towards a Better Lifestyle!



About Mr. Yash & His Journey

This is the story of a youth entrepreneur who holds an honors degree in MBA, Mr.Yash Shinde. He belongs to a middle-class family and lives in Indore. For the first time when he was placed in a limited company in Satna, Madhya Pradesh, he went out of Indore. Satna in Madhya Pradesh is very famous for the cement industry, he worked as an assistant manager in Prism Cement, a division of Prism Johnson Limited. It was all rainbows and unicorns but, belonging to Indore, the “food city”, he found it a little difficult to find a good food facility. He somehow managed but since he was health-conscious, he also faced problems with fruits and breakfast nutrition. He had to skip the important meal of the day and therefore he was exhausted. So, after 1 year he came back to Indore, started working with another start-up.

How it All Started?

While he was working, he noticed, people coming from outside of Indore faced the same issue. Almost all his colleagues were outstation pals and they had to lead a nutrition deficit living because of the lack of resources for healthy and hygienic breakfast. Well! It’s easier to find two meal services in Indore for it’s a hub for many outside people for their bread and butter. 


The Starting Journey of Rawtoss

Mr. Yash believed in healthy and hygienic breakfast for healthy living, there were resources but very limited to poha, samosa, and all the Indian spicy snacks which actually weren’t even cupped full of diet for a person to go all day long with the same energy they wake up. Also, Mr. Shinde noticed that people are aware of the nutritious value and are ready to pay for a good, healthy, hygienic, and nutritious breakfast. This is how the journey of Rawtoss started, to help people fulfill their daily diet which wasn’t available as efficiently as before due to the lack of availability.  

Rawtoss was initiated with a couple of customers in January 2020 and reached 50 servings but due to the covid-19 pandemic, his business had to stop, but again for he was kind and pure-hearted, he wanted to deliver people healthy and hygienic food, he reinitiated his service in somewhere mid of September. It wasn’t that easy to restart Rawtoss as in September and October he was planning to start his journey again with Rawtoss, he got a good opportunity to work with India’s renowned company BYJU’S as a Business Development Trainee-Sales with an attractive package of INR 10 Lakh Per Annum. It was very challenging to decide what to choose but he refused this offer and decided to pursue his dream with the support of his kind and supportive parents.

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Wayne Dyer said, “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change” These words are of great importance to us. Yash faced few major problems of course as all other start-ups do, one of the most difficult troubles for him was the awareness of people regarding the quality of food. People were willing to pay for the breakfast but they lacked knowledge of the health hazards of eating nutrition-deficit food, although healthy. Yash always wanted people to take care of their health and he genuinely wanted people to pay attention to the type of food they consume. So, he says that the covid-19 if not taught people anything but it taught one thing for sure, health-conscious. He was very happy that people were now getting aware of their health and they have now stopped stall food and started with the rich unprocessed meals.

Rawtoss was serving around 200 customers in the months of September and October. Nevertheless, he served people with the best quality, customers used to come in and ask about the process of making the meal, and they never went dissatisfied from Rawtoss, they loved the quality and with the word of mouth, currently Rawtoss serves 10,000 breakfast healthy nutrient-rich meals. 

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Mr. Yash Shinde never thought of a big business, he just wanted to serve people with good quality food, but slowly and gradually people tremendously loved the hygiene, taste, and rich food. Not only now his colleagues love his food but scientists, engineers, basically, people from every part of Indore started loving his quality food. Also, he serves breakfast packages to the hospital as well as maintaining hygiene. And not only people love his food but they are enormously satisfied. 

Mr. Shinde has a power team of three who are basically delivering the food, covering the whole area of Indore. One star lady who handles all the operation, and another star colleague who manages all the making of the food. They have a widespread business now in the outskirts of Indore too. Basically, when they started, they covered offices to provide service but after the lockdown, team Rawtoss started serving people at their doorstep. Also, he was very passionate and loved what he did. 

Rawtoss not only provides the breakfast services, they care for their customers genuinely so they added one more service that is to supply medicines or rations, basic necessities to the customers in need for free of cost. 

Rawtoss has now journeyed for more than 6 months. It is a wonderful experience to serve people and help people, says Mr. Shinde.

A little wisdom shared by Mr. Yash Shinde: 

  • Perseverance: He says, he started a pilot run to test the response of their customers, and therefore he provided the breakfast boxes to only 25 people at first but then lockdown was a great downfall to his business but he never stopped. Now, he stands in a position to assist his customers even when there is a complete lockdown. Taking business to such heights requires your continuous efforts like Mr. Shinde. 
  • Mr. Yash says to build an empire only hard work is not enough, you need to put consistent efforts. Also, you need to be emotionally, physically, mentally very strong to work with the same enthusiasm even after any recession.
  • Community building, relationship with your customers and not only with them but also generating awareness among people to show that you sincerely want them to be healthy. You can organize Marathons, Cycling races, something like these to build relationships with the outside world. 

Mr. Yash Shinde speaks, “ A person should have these qualities, he must develop it if he wants to reach the peak of his business because not only your mental health drives you but you need to have physical and emotional strength as well, as we all know Rome wasn’t built in a day. Being a youth of India myself, I noticed the instant gratification of all the online pleasures like web series, movies, etc. has put us all in the comfort zone. Also, I noticed even if we see ads in the channel we change it instantly, so do we are driven by our emotions at our workplace. To achieve some great heights this kind of attitude must be changed. I realized it in the early years and with perseverance, I have now become a successful businessman, I want to say only one thing to the youth of the 21st century: to develop a fighting attitude towards life, and deep down you need to know that it requires patience too. For having a passion for start-ups you also need to be versatile enough, and voila, You are there.”

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