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NSIC’s Raw Material Assistance Scheme Msme

FAQs on NSIC’s Raw Material Assistance Scheme For MSMEs

NSIC’s Raw Material Assistance Scheme

Q 1 . What is a Raw Material Assistance Scheme? 

Ans : In request to help the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in getting the crude material(s), NSIC organizes to give crude material according to explicit necessities and prerequisites of the unit(s). The assistance under the plan is towards: 

(a) Procurement of crude materials and different data sources viz., Aluminum, Zinc, Copper, Iron and Steel, Paraffin wax, Coal, Polymer items and so forth, by marking Memorandum of Understanding with the mass makers. 

(b) Godown activity of mass producers. 

(c) Procurement of other Raw Materials and different contributions from the providers/producers (other than as referenced at an and b above) on the particular solicitation of MSMEs. 

Q 2 . Who can benefit from help under the Scheme? 

Ans : Any assembling MSME having Udyog Aadhaar Memorandum (UAM) can apply for the help under the Scheme. 

Q 3 . Does NSIC work with acquisition of crude materials for exchanging exercises? 

Ans : No. 

Q 4 . Does NSIC work with MSMEs for crude material obtainment against settlement ahead of time or using a loan? 

Ans : NSIC works with MSMEs in crude material obtainment in the two different ways for example against settlement ahead of time and furthermore using a loan, according to the prerequisite of MSMEs raw material assistance scheme

Q 5 . How to apply for crude material help using a credit card under the Scheme? 

Ans : Any MSME that needs crude material through NSIC may apply to any of the NSIC field offices for Raw Material Assistance in the recommended application structures, which can be downloaded from NSIC’s site ( or might be obtained from any of the field workplaces. 

Q 6 . Where to submit an application for crude material help? 

Ans : The properly filled in application structure alongside endorsed records can be submitted with the closest branch office of NSIC. Subtleties of NSIC workplaces are accessible on 

Q 7 . How the breaking point is endorsed for obtaining material using a loan? 

Ans : A breaking point is endorsed keeping in view the crude materials necessities of the unit, monetary situation of the unit and accessible security of comparable worth as bank ensure. raw material assistance scheme

Q 8 . Regardless of whether there is any roof of the cutoff to be authorized under the Scheme? 

Ans : Yes. There is a roof of Rs. 5 crores for a solitary unit and Rs. 15 crores for a gathering of units occupied with assembling exercises. If there should be an occurrence of MSMEs occupied with framework exercises, the greatest roof is Rs 5.00 Crore, either singular unit or gathering of units. 

Q 9 . What is the legitimacy of the cutoff points authorized under the Scheme? 

Ans : One year. From there on, the breaking point can be restored for one year given that the record was good during a year ago. 

Q 10 . How does NSIC give credit backing to MSMEs to acquire crude materials? 

Ans : The unit needs to submit a proforma receipt/unique receipt/material receipt note with explicit solicitation to deliver the installment. The greatest help is given up to 95% of the BG esteem. 

Q 11 . Regardless of whether the instalment is delivered to the MSME? 

Ans : No. NSIC discharges the installment to the provider as mentioned by the MSME. 

Q 12 . What is the credit time of the help given? 

Ans : The credit is taken into consideration for 180 days. In any case, it can additionally be stretched out on the solicitation of MSME with the assent of particular Zonal Head, given the unit serves interest, complete extraordinary is inside BG cutoff and BG stays substantial till broadened period. 

Q 13 . What are the advantages to MSMEs under the Raw Material Assistance Scheme? 

Ans : 

  • Materials worked with Bulk supplies game plans are given at mass provider’s rate by killing the go-betweens. 
  • Discounts got under mass supplies game plans are imparted to MSMEs, empowering them to decrease the cost of acquisition of materials. 
  • Availability of crude material using a loan and empowering MSMEs to execute the orders close by.raw material assistance scheme


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