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Creative Journey From Professional Freelance Content Writer To An Entrepreneur- Nidhi Rastogi

Creative Journey From Professional Freelance Content Writer To An Entrepreneur


“You can do anything as long as you follow your passion”

A woman who followed her passion and today she is setting up an example to every woman. Nidhi Rastogi was the professional freelance content writer with 4 years of experience. Her roots are in Mumbai, but now in Lucknow. She expertise herself in various niches like Technical, Health, Real Estate, Social media platforms, motivational, beauty/fitness, etc.

Then, after gaining experience in her own field, She became an entrepreneur and started her own business – iCreate Content Service that offers articles, blogs, website content, Press-release content.

When she started her business, she faced a lot of rejections, failure, and getting to know various types of clients. Due to the competition in the writing industry, there were many lessons that she learnt to keep her updated and be prompt enough to get along with time.

Let’s Grow Together 2

At present now, she is stepping the success ladder and trying to gain a dignified place in the writing industry. Many of her articles and blogs are published, some relating to Real Estate and health niche. In addition, to this, she is co-author of two recognized Technical books names  Your Route to Academic, Research, and Entrepreneurial Success in Mechanical Engineering and Artificial Intelligence in manufacturing, Data Mining, and Data Science.


She mentioned about how she overcome the challenges in our business journey. The challenges were many will and still exist in the future. Like she had to face challenges both at professional and personal level. Professionally, due to the competition scenario, there were many rejections and acceptance of the contents. Personally, she had to manage the household work, criticisms, and no-support scenario.

The takeaway message according to her for every business life is focused on what is the need of the hour, and work for achieving that goal/aim. One needs to know what one expects after the long struggles, hard work, and efforts. The inspirational message for every MSME’s she suggest that

“Never ever give up in life! Follow your dreams that is the source of your passion!!

Believe in yourself!!!”

For more details about Nidhi Rastogi’s business-

Contact No :- +91-9452297261




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