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New Hope & Ideas For Hotel, Resort & Restaurant Business Post Lockdown In India

New Hope & Ideas For Hotel, Resort & Restaurant

Business Post Lockdown In India- Coronavirus has been declared as a pandemic globally and has led to worldwide crises and has affected most of the industries and some of them are “Hospitality Industry” and “Restaurants”. Those hotels which are near to railway stations, airports, or near the roadways may not be affected much as people will be traveling and will require a place for a comfortable stay. But the question arises for those who are dependent on big fat Indian Wedding functions, Corporate Events, Parties, etc. And also those restaurants who were full during the normal days.

And not only this but there are many Restaurants which are facing a huge loss due to pandemic. And in return, the only option left with them is to either kick out all the employees until the pandemic ends or force them to work in very low wages.
But no Mr Varun Surana has the best possible ways for your survival for these 6 months or a year such as-

Due to this pandemic, the government has announced that there will be a limited gathering that means just 50 people are allowed for your Wedding or any other parties. But the interesting thing is that if you target those who are Wedding budget is in Lakhs, or Crores but are wishing of having the best Wedding of their life then why not create those offers which fit perfectly with their budget and plan it more lavishly. Or you can lower your prices for some duration as now people will not be going to any random place for lunch or dinner rather they would prefer staying home only.

Restaurant owners can start with the corporate “Tiffin Service” as there are many who have already stopped their “Tiffin Service” not only due to pandemic but because of the hygiene and the products they were using. Or consult with those hotels who don’t serve food because they don’t have kitchens in their hotels.
To know some more about those ideas, how to earn profitably, and apart from these two businesses whom all can get profit watch this video:-

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