FAQs On MSME Technology Centers


Q 1 . What is a Technology Center?  

Ans : Technology Centers are designing units furnished with accuracy machine apparatuses and unified hardware, to plan and produce molds, kick the bucket, dances, installations, and so on and to create high exactness parts and segments, sort out preparing programs and give consultancy to Industry especially MSMEs. A portion of the innovation fixates depend on area explicit cycles like glass assembling, aroma and flavors, footwear fabricating, and so on The current 18 Technology Centers were set up between 1969 to 1999. Be that as it may, two social orders existed for the footwear producing area before 1969, which were, later on, moved up to Footwear Training Centers at Chennai and Agra. The greater part of the Technology Centers have instructional course rooms, labs, enormous workshops, most recent programming for preparing and creation purposes, inns, bottles, and so on.


Q 2 . What are the goals of the innovation habitats? 

Ans : Objectives of Technology Centers are to offer types of assistance to the Indian business via accuracy tooling, giving preparing, consultancy in the space of Tool and Die making, CAD/CAM arrangements, General Engineering, Glass Manufacturing, Sports Goods, Foundry, Electronics, testing and adjustment, and so on TC, Aurangabad has produced most recent tooling for Jeep. TC, Bhubaneswar makes accuracy segments in any event, for guard and space applications. TC Ludhiana, TC, Ahmedabad can make confounded molds for bottle siphons, and so on 

Q 3 . What are the critical advantages of these innovation habitats for the jobless youth or MSMEs? 

Ans : The critical advantages of these innovation habitats for the jobless youth or MSMEs are:

  • Students can join momentary projects like IoT, CAD/CAM, and so on during summer get-aways and redesign their abilities. 
  • Workers can join for expertise up to a degree and reskilling. MSMEs can support their labor force for skilling. 
  • Customized preparation can be coordinated for Corporates, MNCs and MSMEs. 
  • New business visionaries can get their item evolved, and made. They may utilize fast prototyping for new items. 
  • Consultancy for new undertakings can be benefited. 

Q 4 . How could the business people take advantage of this plan? 

Ans : Advertisements are given in papers for new courses. The intrigued MSMEs/Youth ought to every now and again visit sites of these TCs for refreshes. http://dcmsme.gov.in/Technology_Centres.htm 

Q 5 . What are the capabilities for getting prepared in these focuses? 

Ans : The qualification rules for these courses are from school dropouts to M Tech Level. Be that as it may, a large portion of the projects are good for ITIs, Diploma and degree holders in designing and other related fields. 

Q 6 . What number of innovation focuses are there in the country? 

Ans : The Ministry of MSME has set up 18 Technology Centers, a significant number of them through a two-sided joint effort of the Governments of Germany and Denmark and the United Nations.

i. Focal Tool Room and Training Center (CTTC), Kolkata

ii. Focal Tool Room (CTR), Ludhiana

iii. Indo German Tool Room (IGTR), Indore 

iv. Indo German Tool Room (IGTR), Ahmedabad 

v. Indo German Tool Room (IGTR), Aurangabad 

vi. Indo Danish Tool Room (IDTR), Jamshedpur 

vii. Focal Tool Room and Training Center (CTTC), Bhubaneswar 

viii. Apparatus Room and Training Center (TRTC), Guwahati 

ix. Focal Institute of Hand Tools (CIHT), Jalandhar

x. Focal Institute of Tool Design (CITD), Hyderabad

xi. Hardware Service and Training Center (ESTC), Ramnagar 

xii. Organization for Design of Electrical Measuring Instruments(IDEMI), Mumbai

xiii. Aroma and Flavor Development Center (FFDC), Kannauj

xiv. Community for Development of Glass Industry (CDGI), Firozabad

xv. Cycle and Product Development Center (PPDC), Agra

xvi. Cycle cum Product Development Center (PPDC), Meerut

xvii. Focal Footwear Training Institute (CFTI), Agra

xviii. Focal Footwear Training Institute (CFTI), Chennai

Q 7 . Is the public authority wanting to set up new innovation places? 

Ans : Apart from 18 TCs, the Ministry of MSME, Government of India is building up 15 Technology Centers and overhauling/modernizing the current TCs under the Technology Center Systems Program (TCSP) at an expected expense of Rs. 2,200 crore. Under this program, work on 13 new Technology Centers is going all out. Forthcoming Technology Centers would be furnished with numerous state of the art producing innovations like CNC Machines, 3D Manufacturing/Additive Manufacturing, Laser/Ultrasonic machining, Robotics and Process Automation, Precision estimation/Metrology gear, for General Engineering and Automotive Sector, cutting edge Electronics Manufacturing Facilities, Calibration and Testing Facilities for Electronic System Design and Manufacturing (ESDM) Sector. 15 new TCs (Rohtak, Bhiwadi, Baddi, Bengaluru, Durg, Puducherry, Vishakhapatnam, Sitarganj, Bhopal, Kanpur, Patna, Greater Noida, Imphal, Srepembadur, Kochi) will build the preparation limit by 120,000 learners, taking the complete limit of every one of the 33 TCs together to prepare around 3,20,000 students each year.

Indeed, even with the expanded organization of 33 TCs across India, an enormous base of MSMEs will in any case remain unserved particularly in little urban communities and country regions. To resolve this issue, Hon’ble Prime Minister has declared the foundation of 20 Technology Centers and 100 Extension Centers (ECs) at an expected expense of Rs. 6000 crore in November 2018.

Q 8 . What sort of preparing programs are coordinated by the TCs? 

Ans : Training Programs : TCs coordinate different present moment (under a half year), long haul and concentrated preparing programs for industry. 76 projects are NSQF objections. A portion of the Training programs are perceived by AICTE, NCVT, SCVT, and so on Numerous TCs lead corporate preparing programs for the Graduate Engineers/Diploma Holders for presumed businesses like Larsen and Toubro, TVS Group of organizations, Satyam (presently Tech. Mahindra) and so on Also, associations like HAL, Ordnance Factory Institute of Learning, NIT, Surat. The main preparing programs in Tool Design, Low Cost Automation, PLC, Machinist, Mechatronics, and so forth 

Q 9 . What are different administrations given by the innovation habitats? 

Ans : 

  • The offices of the Technology Centers take into account the plan and assembling of modern apparatuses, parts, segments and items in similarity with global principles. The most recent equipment and programming accessible at these focuses guarantee proficient plan and 3D strong displaying. 
  • TC, Mumbai has most recent hardware and gear for alignment and testing of electrical apparatuses, ESDM contraptions. 
  • Technology Centers add to the improvement of innovation in the country. Large numbers of the TCs Rooms have planned and created parts and segments for cutting edge enterprises, research and formative works of Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), Defense Research and Development Organisation foundations, Bhabha Atomic Research Center (BARC) and so forth and provided vital devices for its different programmes. 
  • Besides, they additionally gives consultancy in the space of item and cycle advancement, efficiency/quality improvement preparing programs, turnkey projects, and so on 
  • TCs likewise take up turnkey task for setting up the Tool Room. 
  • TCs are outfitted with proto-type item improvement administrations and are accessible in Tool Rooms. 

Q 10 . What is the uniqueness of preparing projects of the innovation communities? 

Ans : The students in the Technology places get freedom to do hands-on preparing for the greater part of the term of the projects. Long haul recognition learners get viable working openness on exactness machines and are promptly acknowledged by the business. 

Q 11 . What sort of machines are accessible in the innovation habitats? 

Ans : Most present day machines like CNC Milling Machine, Jig Grinding Machine, Vacuum Heat Treatment Plant, CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine, CNC EDM Machine, Deckel Maho 5-Axis Universal Machining Center, 3 D Metal printing, Ultrasonic machining, electron shaft welding, different test systems, and so forth are introduced in the Technology Centers. 

Q 12 . What sort of programming is accessible in the innovation habitats? 

Ans : Latest CAD/CAM programming projects including Pro-E, CATIA, UG, ANSYS, Hypermesh, Solidworks and so forth are utilized in preparing and creating divisions. 

Q 13 . What is the managerial instrument for the TCs? 

Ans : Governing Council under the chairmanship of Development Commissioner (MSME), Ministry of MSME, with agents from State Government and Industry affiliation and business people, is the controlling expert for the TCs. 

Q 14 . What is your charge for premium administrations? 

Ans : We have not begun our exceptional help now. Our rates will be prudent and will give you incredible profit from the venture. If it’s not too much trouble, contact MSME. sampark@.comgov.in for details.



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