MasterStroke Story of Dr. Gaurav Paiwal

Paiwal featuredimageMasterStroke Story of Dr. Gaurav Paiwal-

A Detailed Discussion was held with the man of wisdom and hard work in the Udaipur City known as “Dr. Gaurav Paiwal” with our Founder of MSMEStory “Varun Surana”.  The specialist man in the field of Physiotherapy has treated 250+ patients who are suffering from Paralytic and 3000+ spine patients in the last 13 years. 

The aim of this talk is to know the inspirational success story in establishing Dr. Paiwal’s Physiotherapy Clinic based in Udaipur, Rajasthan. He is a successful Entrepreneur who is running his business from the last 13 years and now as the leading Physiotherapy Clinic. In the current, serving the patients not only from Udaipur but from Jaipur to Ahmedabad belt and Jaisalmer to Bhopal Belt.

In 2007, he did his graduation “Bachelor of Physiotherapy” from Kasturba Medical College, Manipal. The biggest opportunity came to his life was as a job to serve the patients at “Nanavati Hospital, Mumbai. But, he wants to serve his patients in his own town. So, he left the job and came back to Udaipur. This was one of the biggest turning points in his life. He mentioned that his clinic is specialized in all Physiotherapy solutions. He is basically specialized in 3 relieving pains: Back Pain, Neck Pain, and Knee Pain. In addition to this, also focus on Diabetic foot care.

The protocols or the treatment they follow is not followed anywhere in the country. The other advantage that leads him as a successful businessman is that his Clinic has the facilities of Class IV Laser Physiotherapy and Techar in the small city, Udaipur. He told that These facilities which clinic occupies are of limited setup available in the whole country. Due to these facilities, advantages are many like patients get deep healing, relief from various problems like slip disc, etc without any medicines.

Let’s Grow Together 1The biggest challenge he faced while running his clinic is that the People are not educated or aware enough of what Physiotherapy can do and related to this field. When he started his business, there were few clinics related to his business in Udaipur. In addition, to this, the Clinic was a 1.5 km interior from the main road. Hence, to make people understand about his related business was the biggest challenge.He also mentioned how he overcomes this challenge and found to be the best entrepreneur. He told that first, they examine the patient thoroughly. Then, they make the patient understands the problem. Because without the patient understanding of their pain. They won’t be able to treat them properly and run their clinic successfully. In addition to this, the services should be also of superior quality and patient satisfaction.

He also shared many patient feedbacks that leads to the results of “WOW moments in his life”. We all know that anyone’s inspirational person is behind a successful person. And in the overall journey of Dr. Gaurav Paiwal’s was his Father and his Wife.

For more details about his encouraging journey watch this video.


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Dr. Paiwal’s Physiotherapy Clinic
18, P Road, New Keshav Nagar, University Road

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I know dr gaurav since last many years.he is very intelligent to understand the problem of the patient and treatment thereof .As such his treatment is very effective and a very popular and successful physiotherapist not only in the city of udaipur ,but in nearby states also.God bless him

Dr Gaurav Paiwal

Thank you uncleji. All because of your blessings. Regards.

Hi greeting…..An excellent initiate by Shri Varun Surana Sir
Yes there is always a Personality behind….
There is always NO PAIN NO GAIN…..
Yes Dr Gaurav Paliwal Sir has done excellent…….Inspiring……
I wish Him all the very best……

Dr Gaurav Paiwal

Thank you sir for your kind and motivating words.

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