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The Alchemist of the being: An inspiration

The memoir of the 1969 era where Neil Armstrong, the first man to land the moon, setting one giant leap for humankind and in India, ISRO came into existence, Rajdhani express was introduced, India was close to insolvency, it had become an epoch of extension where the entire world was on cloud nine. Where on the other hand, a determined, spirited man from a small village of Roopaheli, the Bhilwara district was taking a leap into creating his own history.

The genesis of Kaizen Infra Machineries

This company was started by Mr. Laxman Singh Rathore, a high-spirited boy, who lost his parents at the age of 1½ years, raised by his aunt in a small village. This young man never went to school and because of the circumstances, he started working at the age of 8. Continuing which, at 12, he served as a helper in an organization dealing with distributorship of the tractor in Udaipur. Thereafter, he underwent many pieces of training till he was 25 years old with well-reputed companies like Exide batteries, Lucas, Ferguson tractor, etc. While he was learning from such big firms, he repaired typewriters as his part-time job to earn. During that time he learned English and became well at the subject.

In 1969, he realized the reimbursements of his work weren’t sufficient and wanted to start something of his own. Thereafter, he found a partner who invested and, and he started the work by taking workshops on tractors known as Bharat tractors and machinery. They started repairing the tractors and slowly and gradually people liked their work; it became quite famous. As their business grew, they introduced spare parts to their shop. It was going pretty fluent. In 1982, the same high-spirited man as him, his son Mr. Kedar Singh Rathore (owner of kaizen Infra Machineries) started helping Mr. Laxman in his business while pursuing his graduation. 

The gradual turn of their business took place in 1990 when they got their first-ever dealership of Kirloskar for repairing the JCB engines which were powered by Kirloskar engines. Kirloskar engines provided aftermarket services to JCB machinery on behalf of Kirloskar Oil Engines, Pune. After that Mr. Rathore took the dealership of Deutz, a German company dealing in manufacturing, who also invented the Ford Scope Engine. Taking the dealership of this company, they also added a few dealerships of the other well-known companies, along with Atlas Copco, John Deere Tractors, Kobelco Excavator, and many more. After doing so, they sold over 852 units in Rajasthan and gained the number one position in India. At present, they deal with the dealership of Volvo, all the operational equipment, in Rajasthan. Also, they represent Allison Transmission, a U.S based company that deals on-highway and off-highway. Apart from this, Mr. Rathore has started a manufacturing firm, where they manufacture the equipment for the same. Today, they hold a workforce of 176 people, and the successors of Mr. Laxman Singh Rathore, his 2 son Mr. Kedar Singh Rathore and Mr Ranjeet Singh Rathore, and his grandson Mr. Dhruv Raj Singh Rathore now handle the entire company. Their company BSES (Bharat Squares and Engine Services), is a company transformed from proprietorship to company in 1995. Back in 1990, it was Bharat Tractors and Services, then it changed to BSES. 

When Mr. Rathore moved to Udaipur, they lived in a rented house, Now building his delightful life, he built a beautiful home too. Well! I don’t know about the other companies, but this company has quite the elixir of commitment and high-spirit. BSES has been in the industry for 51 years now, with 3 generations working together. Of course, the journey wasn’t easy, nor were the challenges. This company yet holds the vision to rise each day and entice their business to the verge of triumph.

A little lovely story shared by Mr. Kedar Singh Rathore

“It was the days I still remember coming back from school, directly going to my father’s road repairing sites’ small workshops. I used to complete my homework on the site itself and while working I used to sleep in the office all tidy and tired. I don’t know if my father used to carry me back at home somewhere around 10:00 or 11:00 p.m in the night, tuck me in. And the next morning wake me up, prepare and drop me at school and the same routine cycle, But I am very much grateful for my father for what we have today. It hadn’t been possible without him. He always wanted me to have a proper education since he never got the opportunity, and I am so glad that he did. I am also grateful to the Kirloskar family because our journey took an ace after that event. Today, we are wonderful friends with their family, they are such wonderful people and at most I am thankful for my father being an individual to dare to shape his life into good so that he could give his sons all that he couldn’t have because of the responsibilities at such a young age.”

A little wisdom shared by Mr. Rathore:

  • He says he has built such an extensive empire with honesty. His whole business runs on paper and it is honesty that brought him success. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to build a residence of 3000 sq. feet land. 
  • “There is no shortcut to success,” You have to go through the process to reach the top, of course, it will not be pretty, but only then you will be the true achiever.
  • The three success mantras of his business: They strongly believe in these three figures.
  • Transparency 
  • Quality
  • Loyalty
  • He also believes in treating his staff as a member of the family not as their employees, because he says that they are his assets.
  • Mr. Rathore also strongly believes in the system. The Labour force could be less or more, but the system should be rigid. There is no out of the system. Building the system requires investment but is worth the productivity. It requires proper training for the employees, no matter what background or degree they come from to increase productivity.
  • The only inspiration from Mr. Rathore is a healthy business and healthy relations are a must part of life. Keep it that way.
  • Mr. Laxman Singh Rathore: He is the founder of this company. A boy struggled his entire childhood and dedicated his life to creating something big in his life to give all the opportunities and luxuries to his family. He is now 82 years old, the same high-spirited soul as he was when he was 8. He still visits the office and works.
  • Mr. Kedar Singh Rathore: He is the son of Mr. Laxman Rathore. He did his schooling at St. Paul’s school in Udaipur and graduated with a good education.
  • Mr. Dhruvraj Singh Rathore: He is the proud grandson of Mr. Laxman Rathore. He did his graduation from Bangalore and went to the U.S for his master’s program. Returning, he now works with his father.
  • Mr. Ranjeet Singh Rathore: He is the brother of Mr. Kedar, the younger son of Mr. Laxman Rathore. This is a family business, and he also contributes to the vision of reaching the top

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