This is a story behind the success of Jainson Organic Pvt. Ltd. The company was set up in the year 1986 by the late Shri Shiv Sing Chhajer (Jain) to manufacture the best of LABSA which is the raw material of the detergent industry.

So the journey starts like this, In 1977 late Shri Shiv Singh Ji shifted from Shahpura (Rajasthan) to Bhilwara (Rajasthan) for a business in partnership. But the business didn’t work out well. So he finished that partnership and shifted from Bhilwara to Indore (Madhya Pradesh). So he went to Indore with only 60rs in his pocket and started a job at his known factory only at a monthly salary of rs.400. He worked there for almost 2 years. After 2-3 months of his job he brought his family of wife with 3 children to Indore and took a room at rent. Side by side of his job he also worked from home for a side income and can fulfill his family needs by making soap.

In between his job in 1979 he met with an accident which has led to many severe injuries and he went through operations. He was not able to work for approx 4-5 months and for that period he didn’t receive any salary from the place where he was doing the job but somehow he managed financially by taking money on credit from relatives.
Afterward, when he recovered he started working and also started his side by side work of making soap. By doing many experiments he made soap at his place. He makes 10 kg of soap in a bucket and goes into the market on his bicycle to sell the soap. It worked a little good. But he was not having much money to buy raw material known as LABSA. No one was giving him LABSA on credit. So he decided to make it by himself.

This idea of making LABSA at home worked well and he started getting success in the business. Then he left the job and gave his full-time effort in making LABSA and achieved much by fighting many fights in life. And finally, in 1986 the firm got registered. In his life, he never wore a watch because he said ” I never look at time until my objective has been achieved”.

Today, as he is not with us, the firm is been handled by his son Mr. Dinnesh Ji Chajjer. Now the firm has launched its liquid detergent for washing clothes naming Jainson’s daily wash liquid detergent and also launched dish wash named Jainson’s shine more dish wash.

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