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How To Get More Customers From Google?

How To Get More Customers From Google?

Businesses registered under MSMEs do face some major problems neither in the manufacturing process nor in producing but the main problem is people don’t trust their products much as compared to other branded products even they are best in qualities. Hence, it results in a loss in many ways, such as money, no new sale, fewer predictions, and many more. So, to deal with these problems Prime Minister of India took an initiative to help those MSMEs and named that campaign or initiative as “VOCAL FOR LOCAL” means everyone will have to buy local products only. That doesn’t mean boycotting of the foreign products but it will be great if we Indians buy those local products and make them famous at the international level. Even the moment has been started to support the locals the best example is the military has started selling only local products which will be available in their canteens. And what can be the best way to support locals. But the interesting thing is that Google has launched its App “Google My Business” to help and support the locals. But some locals don’t know the power of Google, its tools, and its Apps in terms of bringing more and more customers. So let’s see how to get more customers from Google-

● Google My Business App

● Google Search

● Google Maps


To build strong connections between business owners and customers Google launched its App in support of MSMEs by bringing the new customers. You just have to do is download the app, make your account in it and provide all the necessary information regarding your business, products, services, its type and a little description about your product will be enough. Upload some of the best pictures of your business and post with a simple yet attractive description or caption along with that ad CTA (Call To Action) also. If you are free to give some offers, discounts then create them and add your profile on Google. With the updated version you can even interact with your clients or customers, reply to the reviews, and the messages you received. And the best part is that you can do all these things in real-time be it of updating some information, uploading the pictures, or replying to the messages and reviews. You will be notified whenever the new customer checks in or review your business. And when needed you can check the progress also and make some changes accordingly.


For this, you will have to do some extra efforts to maintain your online presence and whenever the user will search related keywords of your business Google will show your website or your online presence. Will troubleshoot all your issues related to AMP, mobile usability, and other search features. And you will be receiving the notifications or alerts when Google encounters indexing, spam, or other issues on your site. It will show how much traffic has come to your website.


If you are listing your business on Google Maps then it will help you in bringing more customers. All your reviews will be shown here which were given by your exciting, or old customers. And for this your profile which you made on Google My Business will work here. If Google map is not showing your exact location then you can add it manually also.


Don’t ever forget to share your new product or service with your customers. And you have to do this without failing. And if you want them to directly come to you then keep them engaged by showing them your new product, reveal some unknown facts about your products or services, or give them discounts or giveaways.

Many have taken their advantages by bringing themselves customers from Google. And all the MSMEs should try at least once to experience it and feel that is it that much help as everyone has talked about it or not. All these things should be taken under your marketing strategies while you are doing for your business for its growth, ROI (Return On Investment), etc. Moreover, if you will be targeting your potential customers and you know everything about them then it makes it easier for you to attract them and there is a guarantee that they will definitely come to you for purchasing, trading, or the business you have.

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