How To Become Rich

How To Become Rich

How To Become Rich In today’s post, we are going to tell you about the formula to earn money, but something different is going to happen here. You know how to earn money, you must be earning it or you must have decided one way or the other to earn money. But have you ever thought that you will do a job or have you decided that you will become a successful businessman, who will have a net worth of crores. Like I have thought that I will be a successful writer and my post will change the lives of millions. So let us now know, the formula to get rich fast.

There is a very famous saying that people who believe in their work do their job and those who believe in themselves do business. But we are never telling you this thing that job people are not rich, but they have a limit to earn money because those people are only selling their manpower which has a limit. Whereas the businessman, on the contrary, sells collective labor and in which there is no limit. But now you must also be thinking that now the business has become very difficult, so friends now you do not need to worry, because in today’s post we are going to tell the formula of How To Become Rich.

Friends, suppose I work in a clothing factory and I prepare a shirt for Rs 100 including all expenses, which is sold in the market for Rs 400 and I get fixed money for my fixed work and if I Even if I do this work overtime, there is a limit to it, but have you ever thought about the owner of a clothes factory who is buying your hard work at a lower price and selling it at a higher price, in fact even if you are working more So in the end the profit is going to the owner of the factory. So friends, it is decided that you are increasing the chances of becoming rich by doing business even more than by doing a job.

how to become rich and successful

Business Success Formula

  1. So now let’s come to the second thing, which is the first step to become rich and if you have ever read the life story of the rich, then you will find that all those rich people have one thing in common. We all know that Leonardo da Vinci was a great painter, but do you know that he was also a great scientist. He used to say that whatever you do, first ask yourself whether you want to do this, do you love this work, if the answer is yes then it would be right to do this. Otherwise, you will definitely fail, because you are going into the place you did not want to go. So don’t copy others. Everyone becomes rich because of his own efforts, by imitating others man can only become a monkey.
  2. Friends, there is a very famous saying that you are rich not because you know how to earn money, but you are rich because you know where it is invested. Often we see that investing money after earning it is a more difficult task. Before becoming rich, it is necessary to understand the economics of money, so before starting any work, plan it. Earn and invest. Turn money around and become rich.

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  1. To become rich, one must know the art of becoming rich and you can learn it only from the one who has become rich. Then it got a little difficult, let’s make it easy again. Friends, if you want to become rich, first of all decide your role model. Watch them, read them and learn from them but only the emotion. Let us tell you that the Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu has said that we all have to find our own path in life.
  2. A good rich is also a good manager and you have to work hard to become a good manager. To hone your management qualities, you have to start with small things. From managing your family, managing relationships with friends and managing your money. Take the example and see, the rich of the whole world (except those who have inherited the Sultanate from their father) have become rich today on the basis of their management skills. Today there are many people who become rich even after the lottery is opened, but their wealth is short-lived. Many rich people of Kaun Banega Crore Pati are still as ordinary as they were before winning crores of rupees in this game because they are not expert in management.
  3. The last formula to get rich that most of us fail to try. To become rich one has to take risks or take risk but I am never asking you to reach any casino to spend your hard-earned money. You have to take the calculated risk i.e. you know how much you will gain and how much if you lose and what will be your plan B in case of loss.

These formulas will help you to become rich and successful. These formulas are like mantras, just don’t leave them after reading them. Will repeat them because God has given us the blessing of forgetting which has advantages as well as disadvantages. Friends, you become rich, there is no harm in this but be a good person too. You turn your eyes and you will find that Bill Gates, the richest man in the rich list, also donated all his wealth to the Melinda Gates Foundation, and not only this, the second richest man in the world, Warren Buffet, also gave all his wealth to the good of the world. and 95 percent shares of Tata Sons, a well-known company of his own country, is with Tata Sons, which is using its profits for the betterment of the country.

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