How Mr. Rajesh Mundra Changed Definition Of Sand Business

RajMinerals featuredimageHow Mr. Rajesh Mundra Changed Definition Of Sand Business

How Mr. Rajesh Mundra Life is an undulating road- full of bends, twists, hills, mountains, valleys, dead-end alleys, etc. But, the successful person is one who has full strength to take the problems as challenges and find the solutions or opportunities. Here, the biggest example of Mr Rajesh Mundra, a lawyer by education and an entrepreneur by choice.

His journey began in the ’90s named as Raj Mineral Crushing Plant which is a sister concern of Jai Mahesh Industries based in Udaipur, Rajasthan. As we know, the hard work and dedication in business always pays off! He is the man of his hard work and now the leading Entrepreneur in the town.

Manufactured sand (M-sand) is artificial sand which can be used as the substitute of river sand. Due to the ban of River Sand at many placed, construction process became very hard and they have successfully bridged the gap by manufacturing artificial sand in Rajasthan. He deals in interlocking paver blocks, cemented bricks, curve stone, glossy interlocking tiles and manufactured sand in Udaipur which is known as M-Sand too. They are manufacturing their products by Germo Vibro Compact Technique with automized plant and having a production capacity of approximately 2500 bricks per day. They also have their in-house laboratory to test the strength and potential of every batch.

Rajesh Mundra has proved himself by successfully creating his business brand value in the City of Lakes, Udaipur. Achievement without hard work is impossible hence, within a couple of years he was able to achieve customer’s faith and loyalty. After a lot of ups- and downs, He is the leading Entrepreneur with the latest products of art and infrastructure facilities.

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