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From Secured Corporate Job To World’s Most Recommended Astrologer On LinkedIn (Shweta Bhardwaj)

Shweta msme

 “It is not in the stars to hold the destiny, it is between in ourselves!”

A woman who started her own business with the belief in ourselves as when she went to astrologer during her marriage horoscope match. Within 30 seconds, astrologer declared that the husband and wife horoscope doesn’t match and either one of will be dead after marriage. They still argue about which one of us he was referring to. But that incident made them realize how people are misusing the traditions and religious beliefs. And here they are!

In this manner, Shweta Bhardwaj started her own astrology business named as “Predictions For Success” on social medial platforms. They started with small queries from Facebook, and now they have more than 350,000+ social media followers with more than 5 Million Content Views Every Month. From 10 consultations a month from the local areas, they now have more than 18,500 clients from 75+ countries and every sector of society. Most importantly, though the numbers increased from every aspects, appreciations started coming in, one thing that never changed was their mission to Reengineer The Spirituality.

She mentioned that the major challenge she faced in her journey life in beginnings they faced a lot of problem. It is purely the journey that keeps us moving. It was difficult in the beginning because they were very secure in their particular jobs and decided to completely change the path of their careers. The transition was a tough one and there were times when they had to make really hard choices. But at the end of it all, they were dedicated to the decision they had made and kept following what their heart wanted. Their parents are still confused about what they do, but they are still very supportive.

 The takeaway message from her side is that they had a very good experience from their corporate life about B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Customers) markets but when they started their own business they learnt that business are only H2H (Humans to Humans). Unless you treat your employees as your family and clients as your friend, you might earn money but can’t win hearts. She concluded that the business mission should be to win the human’s heart not should be earning money.

Last but not the least, the inspirational message from her inspiring business journey is that the people might laugh at you when you will start, they will blame you or curse you when you will start to grow but as soon as you are successful, they will tell you how much confidence they were on your ideas.

So, Don’t think of success and failure, because everyone has its own definition for these. Concentrate on ‘Improvement’ and That’s the way to real achievement.

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