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Entrepreneurship and Skill Development Programme (ESDP) Scheme

Entrepreneurship and Skill Development Programme

ESDP Scheme

Q 1 . What is Entrepreneurship improvement?  

Ans : Entrepreneurship improvement is the way toward improving the abilities and information on yearning and existing business people, upgrading the ability to create, oversee and coordinate an undertaking while at the same time remembering the dangers related to it. The general purpose of business advancement is to expand the quantity of business visionaries. 

Q 2 . What is the Entrepreneurship and Skill Development Program (ESDP) Scheme? 

Ans : The O/o DC-MSME under “Advancement of MSMEs” vertical has been carrying out “Business and Skill Development Program (ESDP) Scheme” for the current and potential entrepreneurs. Under this plan, Ministry of MSME puts together various projects, which predominantly center around the way toward improving the abilities and information on business people, upgrading the ability to create, oversee and coordinate an undertaking while at the same time remembering the dangers related with it. 

Q 3 . What are the goals of ESDP? 

Ans : The target of the program is to persuade different areas of the general public including SC/ST/Women, genuinely disabled, Ex-servicemen and BPL people to see self as work or business as one of the vocation choices. A definitive target is to advance new endeavors, limit working of existing MSMEs and instill innovative culture in the country. 

Q 4 . What is the Enterprise Facilitation Center (EFC)? 

Ans : To improve the effort and further combine the undertaking help measure, the Enterprise assistance Center (EFCs) has been conceptualized. EFCs will go about as the middle for giving accessible expert business advancement and backing administrations to existing and developing MSEs to fabricate an organization of pioneering pioneers through obligation to persistent learning, measure improvement, business honesty and required ranges of abilities. 

Q 5 . What are the goals of EFCs? 

Ans : The goals of EFCs are to give a catalyst to the Entrepreneurship Development exercises through outreach mode, for giving hand holding backing to new undertakings. To fill in as an all-inclusive resource community for all innovative requirements of trying and existing MSME business visionaries, EFCs will work as Implementing Agencies for ESDP exercises/preparing programs. 

Q 6 . What is Skill Development Vertical? 

Ans : The Skill Development Vertical would basically give data, for example, potential positions accessibility in the market dependent on top to bottom market knowledge and encourage the potential occupation searchers to get applicable ranges of abilities through unmistakable foundations/organizations in relevant sector(s). 

Q 7 . What are the sorts of exercises directed under the ESDP Scheme? 

Ans : The program incorporates the accompanying exercises:

1. Modern Motivational Campaign for youth (IMC-Y) – Two Days

2. Modern Motivational Campaign for Clusters/Industries Association (IMC-C) – One Day

3. Business venture Awareness Program (EAP) – Multi-week

4. Business cum-Skill Development Program (E-SDP) – Six Week

5. The executives Development Program (MDP) – Multi-week


Q 8 . What is Industrial Motivational Campaign for youth/Prospective Entrepreneurs (IMC-Y)?

Ans : Two Day Industrial Motivational Campaign (IMC) is a movement to recognize and spur customary/nontraditional business people, having potential for setting up MSEs with a target of driving them towards business/independent work. First day will be for formal debut and specialized meetings and the second day will be for balanced conversation with intrigued members for guiding and tutoring. 


Q 9 . What is Industrial Motivational Campaign for Clusters/Industries Associations (IMC-C)?

Ans : One Day IMCs are coordinated in relationship with Industry Clusters/Associations/social undertakings to proliferate different Govt. plans for reinforcing MSMEs. 

Q 10 . What is Entrepreneurship Awareness Program (EAP)?

Ans : This fourteen days Entrepreneurship Awareness Program (EAP) is to sustain the ability of youth by illuminating them on different parts of setting up Micro and Small Enterprises. These EDPs will by and large be directed in EFCs, ITIs, Polytechnics and other specialized establishments or different universities/foundations, where expertise or information is accessible, to spur the understudies towards independent work/business. 

Q 11 . What is Entrepreneurship-cum-Skill Development Program (E-SDP)?

Ans : This month and a half Entrepreneurship-cum-Skill Development Program (E-SDP)is pointed toward directing unique business advancement programs for new job venture creation and country undertaking improvement. This is an item cum-measure arranged action-based program. Far-reaching preparing projects will be coordinated to foster new abilities or update existing abilities of planned business visionaries combined with explicit abilities, hands-on training or exhibit identifying with exercises. This program is reasonably custom-made to the requirements of exchange or explicit movement and the objective gathering of learners covered under the particular preparing program. 

Q 12 . What is a Management Development Program (MDP)? 

Ans : Multi-week Management Development Program (MDP) is focused on limiting MSMEs through contributions on administration practice framework to improve their dynamic capacities bringing about higher efficiency and benefit of existing and likely business visionaries and growing new ventures. Contributions on an assortment of subjects of administrative capacities will be given to the members by specialists, which focus on spreading information on logical/present day board procedures/rehearses. The executives Training seminar on different spaces of modern administration will be contrived for proprietor cummanager and administrative level workforce of miniature, little and medium ventures. 

Q 13 . Which are the Program Implementing Agencies for ‘ESDP’ Scheme? 

Ans : ESDP exercises/projects will be directed through Implementing Agencies (IAs) for example Office of DC MSME and its field workplaces, all field associations of M/o MSME, Ministries / Departments / Associations / Corporations / PSUs / Agencies under the managerial control of Central/State Governments, as endorsed by the Empowered Committee headed by AS and DC(MSME) occasionally. 

Q 14 . What is system of determination of applicants? 

Ans : 1. All the carrying out offices will be associated with distinguishing the contender for the program, through welcoming applications.

2. The base time of members in the projects ought to be 18 years. The capability for the investment into a specific program will be referenced in the program warning mulling over the subject of the preparation program.

3. Inclination would be given to the applicants from SC, ST, Women, Ex-Service Persons of Defense Forces, Divyang and BPL classification people. 

Q 15 . What is the capability of the learners required? 

Ans : It relies on the sort of the program. In any case, there are programs for all kinds of members including school dropouts to exceptionally instructed ones. Capability will be chosen by the carrying out office dependent on the sort action. 

Q 16 . Is there any age bar for interest in ESDP exercises? 

Ans : Generally, the members ought to have finished long term old enough for taking part in M/o MSME programs under ESDP Scheme. Be that as it may, top of the program leading association may give unwinding in unique cases like school nonconformists and so forth dependent on his/her wise carefulness. Typically, there would be no upper age limit. 

Q 17 . Any Fees should be paid for the ESDP Programs? 

Ans : It relies on the kind of the projects. Interest expense will be chosen by the Program Implementing Agencies and a similar amount will be referenced in the Program notices. 

Q 18 . Where should one contact for Entrepreneurship and Skill Development preparing related data and questions? 

Ans : There are an absolute 30 MSME Development Institutes (MSME-DIs) and 31 Branch Development Institutes (Br.MSME-DIs), 18 MSME-Technology Centers arranged the nation over and 15 more during the time spent beginning preparing exercises. Addresses and contact subtleties of these organizations are accessible on the One can contact their close by organizations to think about the impending preparing programs.


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