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Dr Priyanka Promoting Drugless Treatment After Witnessing Revolutionary Changes In Family

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Dr. Priyanka Pareek (Naturopathy Expert) Helped His Husband Mr. Yogesh Pareek To Lose 75+ Kg Weight while he was suffering from major diseases due to 177+ Kg weight.
This revolutionary change forced the couple to start promoting drugless treatment and Dr. Priyanka left her job & his husband winded up his photography business and started their journey in 2020 from Udaipur and after the amazing response of 200+ customers, they are planning to expand their footprints pan India with various services in coming years.

Dr. Priyanka Said: Naturopathy is planned to treat the shrouded reason for the illness rather than just treating or stifling the manifestations. Kayakalya Nature Cure is a main naturopathy and health center which focuses on treating patients for quite a long term relief. We are known for giving an altogether exceptional encounter to our patients without utilizing any medications. In our middle, all the strategies and natural medicines are fuelled by common items and cycles. With Kayakalya, our central goal is to advance a medication less treatment, which incorporates Yoga, Meditation, nature fix, and a few other characteristic strategies. Additionally, we need individuals to comprehend the plenitude of normal drugs, instill the propensity for managed dietary patterns, work out, and some more. Furthermore, we offer detoxification, coordinated treatment programs, wellbeing programs for explicit medical problems.

We center around various types of infections and agony while giving rules on the best way to keep up wellbeing from that point. We have a group of exceptionally qualified specialists and guaranteed and pattern advisors who endeavour to serve you, best case scenario. Kayakalya Nature Cure is a main Naturopathy emergency clinic for giving anticipation and therapy to ongoing sicknesses through body detoxification and way of life change with a comprehensive methodology.

KayaKaluya brings an ideal mix of Nature Cure (drugless fix), Ayurveda (the old Indian craft of mending), treatments (body detox), Yoga (Mind-Body balance), and a few loosening up treatments. All the medicines are performed under our specialists’ direction in a clean, eco-accommodating, and agreeable climate! Mending happens in a wonderful space that imagines a feeling of wellbeing, congruity, and guilty pleasure simultaneously. The particular modalities utilized by a naturopath shift with preparing and extent of training which incorporates pressure point massage, herbalism, nature fixes, applied kinesiology, colonic purifications, actual medication, shading treatment, hair examination, cranial osteopathy, iridology, live blood investigation, psychotherapy, reflexology, general wellbeing measures, and cleanliness, knead treatment and other conventional practices. The actual medication goes from naturopathic, bony, or delicate tissue manipulative treatment, work out, sports medication, to hydrotherapy. Also, Psychological guiding includes unwinding, contemplation, and different acts of pressure on executives.

Kayakalya Nature Cure offers a wide scope of medicines like Naturopathy, Panchkarma, Physiotherapy, Acupressure, Special Therapy, Yoga and Meditation, and Diet Therapy. We have a profoundly proficient group of specialists, advisors, and dieticians who influence many years of involvement to make customized health schedules obliged your necessities. In the previous few years, we have effectively treated a few infections and long-running afflictions, bringing about incredible customer faithfulness. Our treatments include Ayurveda, Yoga, and Naturopathy with high-level strategies, and supporting natural cooking to convey an all-encompassing mending experience that improves generally prosperity. Subsequently, we are considered as the best naturopathy place in India. Health isn’t just about being fit or prevailing upon any infection. All things considered, it has a place with the congruity of your brain, soul, and body. We at KayaKalya Nature Cure furnish various all-encompassing treatments combined with the illumination of old Indian convention and science to recuperate sicknesses and advance in general wellbeing and health.
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