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Design Clinic Scheme for Design Expertise to MSME Sector 

FAQs on Design Clinic Scheme for Design Expertise to MSME Sector


Q 1 . What is a Design Clinic Scheme? 

Ans : The O/o Development Commissioner (MSME), M/o MSME executes up-scaled (2019) “Plan Scheme for Design Expertise to MSME” a part of CLCS-TUS for the period finishing FY 2019-20 and expanded upto 2020-21. 

Q 2 . What is the primary goal of the Design Clinic scheme? 

Ans : The goal of Design Clinic conspire is to bring Indian assembling area and Design Expertise/Design crew to a typical stage and to give master counsel and financially savvy arrangements on constant plan issues, bringing about new item advancement, consistent improvement and worth expansion for existing items including new items. 

Q 3 . What are the expansive exercises of the Design Clinic scheme? 

Ans : Scheme is isolated in two significant parts viz. Plan Awareness and Design Project: Design Awareness This is done through classes, workshops (Need Assessment Survey) for partaking MSMEs. Plan Awareness – Seminars and Workshops A course of one day term covers configuration related themes in address style with the goal to sharpen MSME’s about the use of plan in different aspects of their industry. A workshop suggests a more engaged examination plan with a distinct ‘remove’ for the MSME’s. The complete time apportioned for every workshop is 5 days. Configuration Project To work with MSMEs to grow new Design methodologies and configuration related items through plan intercessions and consultancy. 

Q 4 . Who will carry out the plan all through the country? 

Ans : Presently Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore has been named as executing Agency (IA) under the plan who carry out the plan all through the country. More IAs like the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), National Institute of Technology (NIT), Tool Rooms and so on, are being roped in need of premises. 

Q 5 . What are the jobs and obligations of the Implementing Agency? 

Ans : Implementing Agency (IA) capacities as a connection between the MSMEs and the Government, office of the DC (MSME). IA gets the applications from the individual MSMEs and gathering of MSMEs and it is set up for the thought of the zenith body alongside its suggestions. 

Q 6 . What is the monetary help accommodated the smooth running of the exercises of the Design plot? 

Ans : o To help configuration stir award up to a limit of 75% of absolute affirmed project cost or Rs.15.00 lakh whichever is less in the event of a Micro undertakings. o To help configuration stir award up to a limit of 60% of complete endorsed project cost or Rs.40.00 lakh whichever is less if there should arise an occurrence of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). o Funding help up to Rs. 2 lakh (Rs 1.5 lakh as GoI ) will be accessible for conclusive year understudy projects accomplished for the MSMEs. DESIGN CLINIC SCHEME

Q 7 . Who is the Apex Body of the plan? What are its jobs and obligations? 

Ans : Project Monitoring and Advisory Committee (PMAC) is set-up at the workplace of AS&DC (MSME), who cares for the Planning, Screening, recognizable proof and such other capacity as considered fit. PMAC examines every one of the propositions obtained from IAs and supports the qualified recommendations alongside its proposals. PMAC has a large duty regarding strategy plan, Scheme execution and observing. It is engaged to take all key choices identified with the Scheme and to endorse minor alterations/procedural changes in the rules for operational practicality. DESIGN CLINIC SCHEME

Q 8 . Who can apply? 

Ans : All enlisted fabricating MSMEs under MSME Act 2006 as corrected now and again and furthermore MSMEs which are incorporated according to chief orders given by Office of DC (MSME) are qualified. Plan is available to all units which qualify as Micro, Small or Medium according to the meaning of MSMED Act-2006. The assembling MSMEs might be a beneficial element ideally over the most recent 3 years of its activity. DESIGN CLINIC SCHEME

Q 9 . Where are the rules of plan accessible? 

Ans : Detailed rules of plan is accessible at true site of O/o DC  (MSME)


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