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This Mumbai Based Alteration Business is Hitting Even 1 Lakh Rs In Single Bill


What is AlterDry’s Alteration Business all about?

AlterDry stands as a pioneering online platform in Mumbai, offering best-in-class alteration, dry cleaning, and personalized clothing services for both men and women. This comprehensive range of services includes the convenience of home pickup and drop-off too.

With us, you can have all your clothing needs met right at your doorstep, saving you time and money. Our methods offer a better fit than traditional tailoring, and we also provide dry cleaning services in Mumbai.

Whether you require small adjustments such as adding buttons, zippers, or slips to your clothes or larger alterations like resizing or repurposing entire garments, choose AlterDry, an innovative online platform that brings online alteration tailor services in Mumbai right to your doorstep.

Story of AlterDry’s Founder Mrs. Ranjana Jain


In the bustling city of Mumbai, a new player emerged in the garment alteration and tailoring industry. AlterDry, a service provider specializing in garment alterations, dry cleaning services in Mumbai & bespoke tailoring had a clear vision in mind: to bring organization and convenience to a traditionally disorganized sector. By offering their services directly to customers’ doorsteps, AlterDry aimed to cater to the mass audience seeking hassle-free and reliable solutions for their clothing needs.

From the moment AlterDry started its operations, it became evident that its services resonated strongly with women. They quickly recognized that women, who are passionate about fashion and constantly seeking new clothing options, often had garments in their closets that required alterations. However, due to time constraints or the lack of trustworthy alteration services, these garments remained unused. AlterDry stepped in as a game-changer, providing the convenience of doorstep services that breathed new life into these neglected pieces and now serving all gender including bespoke men suit made to fit.

One of the major benefits AlterDry offered was cost-effectiveness. Rather than spending a fortune on purchasing new outfits, customers could now have their existing garments expertly altered at a fraction of the price. With just a few hundred rupees, they could transform an outdated or ill-fitting outfit into a tailor-made masterpiece, perfectly suited to their needs. This unique value proposition resonated with customers, as they could revitalize their wardrobes without breaking the bank.

To effectively reach its target audience and establish a strong presence, AlterDry turned to the power of digital marketing. After some trial and error with different agencies, they found success with Brand Chanakya, the best digital marketing agency known for its expertise in lead generation and brand building. Brand Chanakya helped AlterDry connect with its target market through targeted online campaigns, social media engagement, and search engine optimization. Through digital marketing efforts, AlterDry not only attracted individual customers but also received inquiries from brand owners interested in B2B collaborations, showcasing the potential for growth and expansion.

The motivation to grow for AlterDry stemmed from witnessing the rapid development of India’s business landscape and technological advancements. They firmly believed that the burgeoning opportunities in the country would lead to significant economic growth. The pride in contributing to this growth further fueled their determination to excel in their industry. Positive feedback from satisfied customers, who appreciated AlterDry’s organized and satisfactory approach, served as a constant reminder of the impact they were making and encouraged them to strive for excellence.

Although AlterDry was relatively new to the market, it had already experienced impressive year-on-year growth. Comparing their performance to the previous year, they witnessed a remarkable 30% increase in business. This growth not only attracted attention but also garnered funding offers, showcasing the potential of their business model. Notably, they had serviced a corporate client with over 40 branded shirts and high-end suits. The client had successfully reduced their weight and opted for alterations instead of purchasing an entirely new wardrobe. This not only saved their collection but also highlighted the cost-saving benefits that AlterDry provided and the billed invoice was around 1 lakh.

Among the many interesting incidents AlterDry encountered, one story stood out. A customer from the United States reached out to AlterDry while planning a visit to Mumbai. Aware of the high costs associated with alterations in the US, the customer decided to purchase outfits in India and have them altered by AlterDry at a fraction of the price. This incident highlighted the trust and confidence customers had in AlterDry’s expertise and affordability, attracting customers even from overseas.

Reflecting on their journey, AlterDry had an important message for the younger generation seeking to start businesses in similar industries or any field in general. They emphasized the potential of service-based businesses, citing their own experience as evidence. They highlighted the low entry barriers and the ability to address market needs as key advantages, regardless of the industry. AlterDry encouraged aspiring entrepreneurs to identify problems and provide efficient solutions, recognizing the potential for rapid growth and success.

As AlterDry continued to expand its operations and enhance its services, its success story became a beacon of inspiration for others in the industry. By putting the customer at the center of its operations and offering convenient, cost-effective solutions, AlterDry had established itself as a leader in the garment alteration and tailoring sector. Their journey exemplified the power of innovation, dedication, and customer-centricity in building a thriving business.

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