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Assam Government Announces ordinance allowing land conversion for MSMEs without clearances

The Assam government Announces ordinance allowing land conversion for MSMEs-

micro, small, and medium enterprises) without clearances to set up enterprises based on self-assertion — without the necessity of any “permission, clearance or license ” for 3 years.

The law is yet to be told or get the Governor’s consent however the declaration has activated analysis by the Opposition as well as on social media. In an announcement on choices taken at the Cabinet meeting on Monday, the CM’s office expressed, “In a major decision to boost Atmanirbhar Assam, the CoM passed the MSME Ordinance which puts an end to the process of taking multiple permissions for setting up MSMEs in the state for next three years..”

Assam’s Industries and Commerce Minister Chandra Mohan Patowary disclosed to The Indian Express the choice will facilitate the way toward setting up ventures by getting rid of the need to apply for clearances at different divisions.

“A person has to self declare that he is setting up this industry at this location. He has to file the declaration in the form of an application either online or physically to the office of the Commissioner of Industries,” he said. “After checking the application, the Commissioner of Industries will acknowledge the self-declaration. That acknowledgment letter will itself be a license to start the industry…”

Debabrata Saikia, Leader of the Congress Legislative Party in Assam, said the decision was “not good for the state”.

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