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5 Reasons Why MSMEs Should Not Ignore SEO

5 Reasons Why MSMEs Should Not Ignore SEO

Well, this is 2020 where things have changed a lot and especially after the COVID-19, the ways of doing businesses have changed a lot. There are various kinds of reliefs for startups and businesses which fall under the category of MSME. This brings in the importance of implementing SEO to your business models, let’s have a look at the following:

1. SEO brings in more customers:

Yes, you heard it correctly. SEO can bring in direct and indirect traffic from various searches. Simply, more visitors means a higher probability of getting more customers. Most of the businesses are already relying on SEO due to various reasons. Moreover, it is interpreted that SEO is a cheaper and cost-effective method than other available marketing options.

2. Google loves and favours Brands:

There are many search engines but we all know that Google rules the top on the list. Therefore, to get business one simply needs to rank his/her business or startup on a few good quality searchable keywords on Google. It is truly said that Google loves you only when you rank! Haha

3. SEO provides better conversion rates:

Yes, we can say that SEO provides better conversion rates since the traffic you are getting through SEO mainly consists of that particular audience who searched about that particular service or product. It simply means that they are looking for the same. Whereas, in case of other marketing platforms like Facebook and so on, you can not expect a better conversion rate than SEO, since the traffic generated from those platforms is not through search but due to people’s interest and behaviour which makes it a bit unsure in terms of conversion rates.

4. Short Of Money?

Don’t Worry, SEO is meant for everyone There are many misconceptions about SEO being costly since SEO is a long term process. But, the fact is there is no such upfront cost in SEO which you need to pay. For Ex: In the case of PPC and Facebook Ads, you need to pay for sponsored campaigns that you can’t continue beyond a limit. Moreover, it may no0t be possible for small businesses to run paid sponsored campaigns throughout the year. However, in the case of SEO, one can always rely and hope for results by spending a couple of hours daily working on the same without paying any heavy marketing costs.

5. Bypassing Competition through SEO:

No matter paid advertising campaigns can rank you on the top listings on search engines like Google but what If you stop running paid ads? SEO, on the other hand, may take time but it’s kind of something concrete that you build for your business that would last longer. Moreover, an SEO optimized website is a lot more capable of generating leads, inquiries, and gaining businesses as compared to other marketing models and techniques.

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