10 X Success Growth Queen in Training Industry- Poonam Mehta

10 X Success Growth Queen in Training Industry- Poonam Mehta

104373160 2570627146500285 8318160088779706919 n removebg preview“In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun you’ll find! So, always explore opportunities, learn, rebuild your skills and enjoy the work!”

Such a best example in the training industry is Poonam Mehta, Director of Max Pro Training Solutions based in Udaipur. She started her journey in 2011 leaving their corporate jobs behind the bars and she started her own business with her husband. She explained that it was too difficult for her to leave that fixed monthly salary and fight in the real world to establish a training center.

In the journey of establishing, the biggest challenge she faced in 2014 due to family problems. Another challenge, she faced recently to identify the online growth potential. But, she took these challenges as opportunities as she says “1000 opportunities in 1000 Choices”. So, Explore yourself and explore the opportunities. Don’t freeze yourself in one type of work. Explore the world to learn more and always rebuild your skills.

She also mentioned that she started with 20 students and now in 10 years she has 150+ students. So, you can see that the successful growth ratio is 10X. She proved herself to become a successful entrepreneur.

The persons who supported in her journey was Dr. Ashutosh Pandya and other doctor’s who refer them and helped to grow their business. Besides, none other then, the parents were major supportive to her.

For detailed information about her story, watch this video

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Inspirational……Wishing Her best wishes……👍👍

Wishing her best wishes

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